Rihanna's Lingerie Line Is Flying Off The Virtual Shelves & No One Is Even Surprised

Courtesy Savage X

When Rihanna touches something, it turns into a bestseller. It happened with clothing, shoes, and makeup. Naturally, Rihanna's Savage X lingerie is flying off the virtual shelves too. Less than 24 hours and a three-hour waitlist later and the collection is already selling out. Because the line is so inclusive, people are flocking to it, which means you should probably get you wallet ready before it's too late.

There was never any question whether or not people would love Rihanna's Savage X lingerie line. The real question was how long would it hang around. For some of the larger sizes on the website, the answer is 12 hours. While not everything on the website is gone, all of the larger sizing is

As Elle found, some people waited in a three-hour long virtual lines just to get on the website at midnight. Why? Because when Rihanna does something, she does not disappoint. From the sizing, which ranges from 32A to 44DD in bras and extra-small to 3X in underwear, to the models, who are incredibly diverse, there's a million reasons to love this brand.

As of May 11, most of the larger sizing in bras and underwear are selling the fastest. Plus sizes in lingerie are for the majority still in available. Not everything is sold out, but I would not wait too much longer to shop.

Courtesy Savage X

It's no surprise that some of the most diverse and inclusive sizing is the first to go. Just like her Fenty Beauty collection, Rihanna took almost everyone into considerations when creating the line. She even took some of her own struggles into consideration. Like her multiple shades of brown underwear and bras, which came in fruition after she couldn't find the right shade of nude to wear under her CFDA naked dress in 2014, according to The Cut.

“It was important to me to push the boundaries, but also create a line that women can see themselves in,” Rihanna says in a press release. “I want to make people look and feel good, and have fun playing around with different styles.”

To say that there are different styles in an understatement. There 90 different items available in the collection. Basically, there's something for every level of freak. Or you can be sassy one night and comfortable the next. The line isn't just diverse in sizing and shades of nude, the styles are too.

Courtesy Savage X

The line includes classic t-shirt bras and bikini cut underwear to topless lingerie. There's mesh catsuits and fuzzy handcuffs, but also classic thongs as well. It's no wonder that people were waiting in a three hour line just to enter the website. You could spend all day looking and still not see all of the colors and styles on the website.

“Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves,” Rihanna told Vogue. “I can only hope to encourage confidence and strength by showing lingerie in another light. You don’t have to stick to one personality with lingerie; it’s fun to play around. You can be cute and playful one week and a black widow next week. You can take risks with lingerie. I want people to wear Savage x Fenty and think, I’m a bad bitch. I want women to own their beauty.”

Don't let the options overwhelm you though. The collection is here to stay for a while. Bustle reached out to the brand to see when the sold-out items will be available again.

Courtesy Savage X

Not everything is gone on the website just yet. That's the beauty of having so many styles. Head over to the website now to claim your Fenty while you still can.