Fans Think 'Sense8' Might Get Canceled

Murray Close/Netflix

Netflix has yet to announce whether or not Sense8 will be renewed for Season 3, and that's got fans on Twitter very worried. So worried, in fact, that #RenewSense8 began trending on Tuesday morning. "If we don't show our support for @sense8, it might not get renewed," a fan with the handle @postbadsense_8 wrote. "Let's tweet as much as we can the hashtag: #RenewSense8." The hope is that fervent fan support will convince Netflix to bring the show back, if they weren't already planning to. Bustle has reached out to Netflix for comment on the status of the show, but has not heard back at this time.

Sense8 fans have been heeding the call, tweeting their love for the show that follows eight strangers who are connected in strange ways. "A show with great representation, talented cast and very interesting plot?" a fan going by the handle @daisyrdley tweeted, "Sense8 has it all and it just can't be cancelled." It's true that, unlike most shows on television, the world of Sense8 is much more representative of the world we all live in — especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation. Sense8 features a transgender character, played by Jamie Clayton, who is allowed to simply exist. "The story does not center on transition," Clayton told NBC. "Which I think is a really important step to take with trans characters."

It's also something fans think needs to be celebrated. "Everybody repeat after me," another fan wrote, "Sense8 is a breathtaking show about acceptance and needs to be renewed."

Fans of Sense8 have done their fair share of waiting, since the globe-trotting series, which filmed across four continents in Season 2, originally premiered in June 2015. Two years later, they were finally given the second season they were promised when Netflix renewed the show three months after it premiered. Going by that schedule, there's still plenty of time for Netflix to make an announcement.

But no one can blame Sense8 fans for being worried about the status of the show. Netflix recently canceled The Get Down after only one season that debuted in two parts. And, while the network has not generally been known to cancel its original programming, in the last year, Marco Polo and Bloodline, which just debuted its third and final season, have both been canceled.

But one thing that separates these canceled shows from Sense8 is an excited fanbase that is willing to go to the mat, or in this case Twitter, to save the show they love. "Sense8 tapped into so many different emotions and it has so much representation across the board," one fan tweeted. "Please for the love of god #RenewSense8."

Netflix may already know this, since Deadline reported three months ago that Sense8 seemed to be in talks for a Season 3. The network was reportedly trying to lock in the 15 main cast members for additional seasons after their contracts had lapsed. At the time, Deadline reported that Netflix would likely make a final decision on the status of Sense8 sometime in June. That just leaves enough time to get in some more supportive tweeting in.