This Lifetime Movie Is The Ultimate Tale Of Seduction, Sex & Revenge

by Jennifer Still

Lifetime's Sinister Seduction takes three of the network's favorite movie themes — deceit, betrayal, and revenge — and melds them into one titilating tale of... well, sinister seduction. The film follows a high school student who becomes obsessed with his classmate's mom, only to later reveal it's all part of a dangerous (and deadly) revenge scheme. Given how little resemblance the plot bears to any real life events — at least, of those that have been made public — it's safe to assume Sinister Seduction isn't based on a true story. However, it doesn't really matter that you can't Google true crime reports to see how it all might play out; the movie's big twist is spoiled right in the trailer.

Sinister Seduction, which was originally titled Cruel Fixation according to its IMDb page, focuses on Sharon (Kristina Klebe), the recently widowed mom of a teenage son named Anthony (Sebastian Canas). Like many kids, Anthony struggles to fit in at school, but he's eventually befriended by Dylan (Tanner Buchanan), a popular student who begins spending more and more time at Anthony's house. Soon, it becomes clear that Dylan is more interested in Sharon than he is in Anthony, and as their relationship becomes more intense (and more inappropriate), Dylan's true motives for wanting to be close to her become clear.

After Sharon sleeps with Dylan (who, let's remember, is in high school), he confronts her and accuses her of seducing his father. Dylan previously bonded with Anthony over the shared grief of losing their dads — who both died by suicide — but clearly, he blames Sharon for his dad's death. Now, he wants her to die too.

It seems unlikely that the movie will end with Dylan succeeding in his plan, and Sharon isn't going down without a fight: "I'm tired of men telling me what to do," she yells before grabbing the knife out of Dylan's hand and seemingly stabbing him. However, there could be another twist in store: Sharon's comment that she's "tired of men telling her what to do" seems telling, and may hint there's more to her husband's death — or at least to their relationship — than she's let on. Sinister Seduction has a dark premise to begin with, but there must be something more to the story if Lifetime was willing to give away a big twist before the movie even aired.

Whatever ends up happening, Sinister Seduction is the perfect example of the kind of guilty pleasure, drama-filled, totally absurd movies Lifetime fans have grown to know and love. It has all the elements that make them so compulsively watchable: attractive leads, illicit sex, an elaborate revenge plot, dark secrets, and a potential murder (or several). You may already know one huge reveal is coming, but this is Lifetime; there must be at least one more surprise in store.

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