Is Stephanie Edwards In 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14? She Wants To See A World Outside The Hospital

Richard Cartwright

Stephanie Edwards was in quite a pickle at the end of the penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. Having just escaped from a rapist that was holding her hostage, Stephanie had a little girl to save and a hospital that was on fire. I knew that Stephanie was tough, but man, did she get even tougher or what? But she was also in mortal danger, so the question must be asked — is Stephanie Edwards in Grey’s Anatomy Season 14?

Well, not to spoil the fun here or anything, but Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie, has not signed a contract for Season 14 because she’s doing another show. Stephanie, though, reached that conclusion not by death but because she wanted to live. During the fire, Stephanie has to help that injured little girl out of the burning building, and things aren’t looking good. Though Stephanie is badly burned, this tough duo make it all the way up to the roof only to find that Stephanie doesn’t have her key card, as it had fallen out of her pocket. This is where things get treacherous, and this is where I had to watch with my eyes covered. Stephanie went down to retrieve the key and burnt herself more, but ultimately saved herself and her charge. As she was being treated for her own burns, Stephanie tells Webber that she has to move on, that she has spent way too much time in hospitals (she was always very sick as a child and now she is a doctor) and, once she heals, she needs to see the world outside. Bye, bye, Stephanie!


I’m glad that Shonda didn’t kill Stephanie off because it gives room for her to come back on the show. I’m always up for a Grey’s Anatomy reunion (why hasn’t Addison come back yet? Where are you, Kate Walsh?), and seeing Stephanie pop in after a season would be very nice indeed. She’s smart enough to know what she wants her life to be. That’s the ultimate goal of anyone, really. Stephanie leaves Grey Sloan a hero in my eyes.