Is Storybook's Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette Limited Edition? The Status May Surprise You

Works of literature inspire Storybook Cosmetics, its products, and its magic wand-like makeup brushes. The fledgling brand flawlessly meshes beauty, brains, and whimsy with its forthcoming Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette. We have all the critical intel regarding this sure-to-be-popular eyeshadow set.

The Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette will be available for pre-sale as of Friday, Feb. 24. It won't ship until at least May, which the brand made abundantly clear in its Instagram post. The chasm of time between the pre-order and the potential shipping period is due to the fact that the products are carefully manufactured by their own lab and have high quality control and standards. Basically, Storybook wants you to get your money's worth.

Speaking of cashola, the palette costs $52 and features 12 circular pans of eyeshadow in a variety of shades, from garnet to blue to brown to soft nudes.

Is the Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry & Witchcraft palette limited edition, though? No, it's not limited edition. It's a permanent product. So if you are somehow shut out of the pre-order next week, don't throw a hissy fit or hit the panic button. It isn't a one-time-only thing, so relax.

For those of you with animal sensitivities who are wondering, the W&W Palette isn't vegan. But it is cruelty-free.

I hereby grant you permission to gawk at and drool over these shades. Makeup junkies can get super creative with this mix of bright jewel tones and super pretty neutrals.

Everything you ever wanted to know about this palette is revealed in this caption. There is a purchase limit and there is the price.

In case you were curious about the actual amount of product in the pans... there you go.

The Storybook team also laid out the reasons why the waiting period between the pre-order and the actual shipment of the product is rather lengthy. You can expect a prime quality product.

Images: Storybook Cosmetics/Instagram (3)