Is Tarte's Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter Sold Out? This Unicorn Multi-Tasker Is Highly Coveted

Rainbows and unicorns — that's what life should be filled with! Tarte Cosmetics is certainly doing its part to infuse your existence (and your visage) with lots of rainbow and unicorn-inspired glow! Tarte's Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter features four shimmering and pastel shades, which can be swirled together for a custom, unicorn-like radiance. The limited edition compact landed last week and comes with a $30 price tag. Is the Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter sold out, thus rendering it the stuff of legends and a cult item that is as rare as unicorns themselves?

Good news, unicorn-seekers and highlighter fiends! The Spellbound Rainbow Glow Highlighter is currently in stock as of press time. But that status could change at any moment.

Given the non-permanent status of the product and the fact that the rainbow highlight trend is major right now, Spellbound might quickly sell out and thus become impossible to nab.

Full disclosure: I received a press sample of the highlighter. I way prefer a subtle glow via strategically placed swipes of highlighter on the high points of my cheeks or on the Cupid's Bow, as opposed to a dramatic glow so blinding you can effectively communicate with space satellites.

I can confidently say that Spellbound Rainbow Glow will allow you to achieve either look.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

I opt to sweep a swipe of product here and there and it gives me perfectly proportioned radiance.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

Oh and here's a little secret. The Spellbound Rainbow Glow Highlighter smells like vanilla. That's an added bonus. I noticed the scent when I was blending the colors for a custom shade — a slight waft of sweet vanilla hit my nose and it was so pleasant, rather than overbearing or cloying. I don't mind when the process of applying my makeup feels like I am browsing a bakery!

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

The highlighter is formulated with vanilla extract, giving it the natural fragrance. The ingredient also has skin-friendly, anti-aging properties.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

Head over to the Tarte site to scoop up a highlighter or two! It's (spell) bound to sell out soon. You can use it on your face, as eyeshadow, on your body, or wherever you desire a lil' glow.