Taylor Left 'The Bachelor' With BFFs, If Not A BF

Rick Rowell/ABC

Now that we're five episodes deep into The Bachelor, the real drama of this season is finally starting to heat up. Since last week's episode, Corinne and Taylor have been at each other's throats, and I've been trying to figure out whether their fight will have any bearing on who Nick Viall decides to keep on their two-on-one date on Monday night. So is Taylor single after The Bachelor, or is there a chance that she's currently living happily ever after (in secret) with Nick? First stop in cracking this mystery: Instagram.

According to Taylor's feed, there's no evidence that there's a special man in her life, unless you count the photos she shares from The Bachelor episodes as they air. In fact, almost all of Taylor's recent pics are with female friends and family, including some of her fellow contestants from this season. Of course, Corinne is unsurprisingly absent from these pictures, because duh.

And even if Taylor leaves without that coveted Neil Lane ring, it seems obvious that she did leave the show with something way more important: a new set of BFFs. Sometimes, that's even better than a romantic love story — and usually, it lasts way longer.

Obviously, there's always that chance that Taylor is dating someone and keeping it on the DL, since she's probably prohibited from sharing too much about her love life while she's still in the running to become Nick's final rose winner. If she's started seeing someone since filming, I bet we'll know about it if and when she's off the show, but until then, it's pretty all up in the air!

Either way, after the drama she went through with Corinne, I'm hoping her current life is a little more chill. She deserves it!