The Newest ‘RHOBH’ Cast Member Is Super Tight With Her Famous Dad

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Guys, it is finally happening. The void that has been consuming the soul of all those who enjoy theme parties, gossip, and vicious fights while eating over-the-top dinners will finally be filled with the delicious blush extravagance of Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Rosa. Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is returning Tuesday, Dec. 19 and with it comes a brand new cast member, Teddi Jo Mellencamp Arroyave. Her maiden name is a familiar one to music fans, so is new RHOBH star Teddi related to John Mellencamp?

Why yes, she happens to be extremely related to him. Singer-songwriter John Mellencamp is Teddi's father father. (Go ahead and finish singing the lyrics to "Jack & Diane", no one is here to judge.) Of course, she certainly isn't the first Real Housewife to join the cast boasting a pretty impressive pedigree. Look no further than how poorly Eden Sassoon was treated last season to see that having a famous family doesn't always give you a leg up in Beverly Hills. It may just have something to do with the fact that Beverly Hills is in the epicenter of celebrity culture and being related to a star likely just doesn't thrill people there like it would other places.

Still, Teddi got her first taste of the spotlight thanks to their dad. Fans of Mellencamp's music may remember a time when Teddi actually performed alongside him. Way back in the '80s in a live video for Mellencamp's version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," a very young Teddi was featured and even sings a verse. She even recently posted a video of this blessed event on her Instagram. The throwback to a long-haired Mellencamp and a tiny Teddi (who is the spitting image of her daughter Slate now) is totally rocking and adorable.

And since it's seasonally appropriate, it's worth mentioning that Mellencamp also wrote a Christmas song for his child, which carries her name. "Teddi's Song (When Christmas Comes)" ought to be in full rotation at his now-grown-up daughter's house.

There's no indication that Mellencamp, who won a Grammy in 1982 for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for his album Hurts So Good, will show up on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but it's possible. It's clear that Teddi is all about her family. Take a stroll through her Instagram and you'll find a myriad of photos featuring her two children, her husband and her dad. According to Life & Style, Teddi has been married to businessman, Edwin Arroyave since 2011. He has a pretty impressive resume, as he is currently the CEO of ‎Skyline Security Management. Per the company's website, they specialize in top of the line home security systems and have been around since 2004. Teddi even recently posted a photo to her Instagram that congratulated her hubby on Skyline Security making the Inc 5000 for a third time in a row. So this close family is also a successful one, across fields.

Teddi still happens to be very close to her father too. In an interview with People, Teddi revealed that Mellencamp is completely beloved by his grandchildren, Cruz, who is 3 years old and Slate, who is 5 years old. According to the interview, they actually call him "Peepaw." So here's hoping that Peepaw drops by the house sometime when Dorit and Lisa are over for cocktails.

Honestly, it looks like Teddi is going to be a really fascinating and down-to-earth addition to this season's Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, famous dad and all. Whether her famous father will make an appearance on Season 8 or not, Teddi will likely shine on her own.