Is The Greenhouse A Real School? The 'Greenhouse Academy' Institution Is Home To Some Evil Forces

Ronen Akerman/Netflix

Did you ever suspect there was something evil going on at your school? Something more evil than students lying about a senior-only swimming pool on the roof, I mean. Well if you are a student of Greenhouse Academy, then your suspicions would be correct. The Netflix series Greenhouse Academy tells the story of how two dueling school houses work together to keep evil from infecting their school — a compelling plot that could leave fans wondering if this happened at the real Greenhouse Academy school.

Well if you are concerned about evil plots being brewed at prestigious boarding schools across America, then fear not. The Greenhouse, which is the actual name of the institution in Greenhouse Academy, isn't a real school, and it doesn't appear to be based on a real school, even loosely.

The Greenhouse may not be based on any real schools, but the idea for the school originates from another television series. The Greenhouse, the show that Greenhouse Academy is adapted from, aired for a whopping 150 episodes over the course of 4 years in Israel. However, I can find no precedent in Israel for an institution quite like Greenhouse Academy. This school is the kind of place that can only exist on television.

There are a few things that set The Greenhouse apart from any real-world schools, aside from its odd name. First and foremost is that The Greenhouse has a very specific way of categorizing its students. Students are placed in either the Eagles, known for athletic prowess, or Ravens, known for intellectual capacity. Basically, it's like Hogwarts if the only houses were Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor/Hufflepuff hybrid. Much like Hogwarts houses, the Eagles and Ravens have shared a rivalry for as long as anyone at the school can remember.

Another defining feature of The Greenhouse is that it's very technologically advanced. They've got holographic tablets and state-of-the-art equipment, all so that their students have the resources to go above and beyond in their education. The Greenhouse seems to be specifically made to encourage students to be physically and mentally strong, while also encouraging competition between the Eagles and the Ravens. Is there a reason that the school encourages the rivalry between these two houses, or is it all in good fun? It all seems a little fishy and could play into the evil forces at work in Greenhouse Academy.

There's no telling what kind of secrets are hiding within The Greenhouse, because there has never been a school like it in the world. Technologically, The Greenhouse is decades beyond any real-life school, and the rivalry between the Eagles and Ravens creates a hostile environment that seems to be counteractive to education. The Greenhouse may appear to be a semi-futuristic educational wonderland, but not everything is as it seems in Greenhouse Academy.