Fans Are Skeptical Of The Latest HUDA Beauty Tool

Huda Kattan/YouTube

Huda Kattan can do no wrong. From her Rose Gold Palette to her upcoming 3D Highlighting Palette, she's a true queen. Now, HUDA Beauty's Fender has fans wondering if Kattan's latest launch is just extremely innovative or if it's real at all. The HUDA Beauty Fender is supposedly the brand's very first tool, and while Kattan had been teasing it for a few hours prior to the announcement, no one really expected what they got when she finally uploaded the product video to her YouTube Channel.

The Fender may sound like some guitar-themed beauty tool, but it is not. The Fender is a nickname for the finger blender. Kattan's Rose Gold palette is known for being able to be applied with fingers — particularly the textured shades — and according to the video, fans have complained about their nails being too long to apply shadows with their fingers. Thus, Kattan developed the Fender. The Fender has a brush handle, but at the top, it's not bristles, it's a finger. Yes, it's just as odd as it sounds.

The real question, though, isn't how to use it. It's whether or not it's real. If I had to guess, I'm a solid no.

Why do I think this tool isn't real, though?

1. It's Just Too Odd

Guys, it's a literal finger on a stick. I can't. If this is real, I'm leaving. I'm done.

2. Fan Consensus

Fans are definitely incredulous about this launch, and I definitely agree with them.

Some are even pointing out it's proximity to Apr. 1.

3. Launch Date

When does the Huda Beauty Fender launch? It's set to go on sale April 1 aka April Fool's Day. Plus, there's no price point and no exact time for the launch. If this were real, I think those details would be revealed.

While the idea of the Huda Beauty Fender is pretty funny, this new "must-have" products is almost certainly a joke. Who knows, though? Maybe this is the new face — or finger — of beauty.