Here's How Big The iPhone 8 Screen Will Be


At the unveiling event at Silicon Valley's Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday, the Apple team presented the iPhone 8, which isn't bigger than the iPhone 7 model. Though the iPhone 8 boasts plenty of new features, it held onto the 4.7 inch display.

For comparison, the iPhone 7 is 5.44 inches tall with 4.7 inches of screen height. The iPhone 7 Plus is 6.22 inches tall with 5.5 inches of screen height. Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus retain the same size as the 7 and 7s. Rumors of the next generation iPhone specs caught wind when multiple leaks revealed the blueprints and possible features. Apple's flagship phone has grown steadily larger since its initial launch 10 years ago. Replacing the aluminum back with a glass back and aluminum bumper in the new iPhone design allowed Apple to make it both water and dust resistant, boosting durability.

The iPhone will cost you anywhere between $649 and $849 depending on how much storage space you choose.

While hype surrounding new iPhone releases has become a common tradition, the public reaction 10 years ago to the original iPhone was a little different. Back then Twitter users described the original iPhone with its 3.5-inch screen as "massive" and more like an "iTablet." As people have gotten used to bigger smartphones and tablets, those who've been waiting for the latest iPhone are less likely to balk at its size now. For those who prefer the feel of a smaller phone in their hands and don't mind the more limiting screen size, Apple began releasing two size versions — the Plus and standard one —starting with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Ergonomics aside, both Plus and standard iPhones came with identical designs.

Coming in at the same size as the previous generation, some commenters see the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as just an upgraded iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The real showstopper is the much more dramatically different and luxurious iPhone X. Phone case makers are also already selling cases for the new iPhones, as the iPhone 8 and X designs will require new cases.

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