The iPhone X Is Finally Here & People Have Feelings

If you're into having the latest and greatest iPhone then you're probably going to want the iPhone X. But, with a price tag of over $1,000, is the iPhone X worth it? These Twitter reactions about the iPhone X release day prove that while some people think it's downright ridiculous to buy a phone that's more expensive that most laptops, many people think the iPhone X (pronounced "ten") is the unicorn frapp of smartphones.

OK, let me start off by revealing that I still have the iPhone 6 because it works fine, despite my dropping it eleventy million times a day, and I can't afford to buy a new phone that is equal to the price of a month's rent. But, there are some people, like my older brother, who are more than willing to fork over big bucks to be the first to unlock the secrets of the magical iPhone X — which is, apparently, not just a regular phone, it's a cool phone.

Even though it's not made of gold, or coated in diamonds, some people waited in line for more than 14 hours to get the iPhone X, which is what people used to do when they wanted to be the first to buy concert tickets back in the olden days, before you were born. Before the internet. Before iPhones. If you're wondering if all the hype is worth it, here's what Twitter has to say about the iPhone X.

Some people thinking camping out for an entire week to get a new phone is totally cray cray.

I mean, it's not like it's the first phone in the history of the world. Most people probably won't even use it to talk, so I'm not sure we can keep calling them phones.

Here's what Dr. Ruth has to say. Is it the letter X that has people so intrigued? Let me tell you a secret. X means 10 for the iPhone's 10th anniversary.

OK, no one has ever gotten me a gift this expensive.

Some people have major FOMO about not having the iPhone X in their hot hands right now.

Because nothing is worse than watching your friends play with a new toy when you don't have one.

But, the selfies do look next level so if you take 1,000 snaps a day, then maybe $1,000 is a small price to pay.

What filters? #nofilter

Did you ever imagine a day when the word "beautiful" would be used to describe a phone? Well my friendlies, that day is here.

This dude is not impressed, but he still found the silver lining in his new iPhone X.

Maybe it's Animojis that have people so excited.

Because talking animals are real, and the iPhone X proves it.

While the iPhone X does not come in pumpkin spice flavor, you can still feel super fancy by pairing it with the world's most expensive coffee ($601 per pound).

This is me all day. Because, FOMO.

So, this could help you make your decision. If you're super clumsy, and you can't live without the iPhone X, invest is a case and a screen protector because the iPhone X is all glass. And, fixing a shattered screen will cost almost $300. Oops.

Apparently the facial recognition software can't tell the difference between twins.

Maybe it's not as smart as it claims to be.

However, having people like you on Twitter can make the iPhone X totally worth it.

If you're not going to die without this new unicorn phone, it seems worth it to wait until some of the bugs are worked out of the iPhone X. Other users reported the phones getting hot enough to boil an egg, and apps spontaneously quitting. Let these early birds deal with that because while early birds might get the worms, they also get the bugs.