You'll Never Want To Sublet Your Apartment Again After Watching This Lifetime Movie


In theory, you want to use the weekend to catch up on laundry, make a Target run, plan for the next week, and knock a few things off your endless to-do list. But fatigue from adulting and general reality means you'll probably stay in your pajamas, load up on snacks, and yell at your TV as you indulge in the guilty pleasure of a Lifetime thriller. The network’s latest movie, The Killer Downstairs, isn't based on a true story, but it could easily happen to any unfortunate person.

Per IMDb, Cindy Busby portrays Alison Peters, a lawyer experiencing a career and financial lull. She's working at a store and in need of extra income, so she decides to rent out the basement of her home. Along comes James Brewer, an attractive man who is conveniently separated from his wife, and the attraction between the pair grows as people suddenly start to disappear. Eventually, Alison finds herself a prime suspect in her boss' murder and begins to wonder if there is…a killer downstairs. Yep, this is a classic Lifetime plot.

The Killer Downstairs' extended trailer gives deeper insight into Alison's sticky situation. Her friend warns her on the phone that opening her home to strangers is not safe, but Alison is confident about the new family moving into the basement. She's surprised when James arrives alone, but ignores this red flag and allows him to become her new tenant.

At first, Alison is impressed with how helpful, tidy, punctual, and good-looking James is, but her mind begins to change when he breaks the rules by cooking breakfast in her kitchen. She tells him that she will implement some new house rules, which doesn't matter because he has already planted a series of poorly hidden cameras in her room.

Meanwhile, she confides in him about her creeper boss Brandon who touches her several times in the clip. James magically appears during one encounter and stops Brandon's behavior, and Alison thanks him for being her "knight in shining armor." They start a sexual relationship and everything’s cool until Brandon's body is discovered by police.

This causes Alison's bestie Sarah to break the cardinal thriller movie rule and directly confront James about his suspect ways. Alison does some investigating about James' past and discovers that he is a crazed murderer, but it's too late because he's killing off everyone in her life one by one so they can be together without any interruptions. The trailer ends with a series of shots that suggests Alison will have to kill James if she wants to get her life back.

This movie certainly sounds like a single woman's worst nightmare. Thankfully, its purely made for your entertainment with no ties to a real-life incident, so don't feel bad about judging everyone in this dramatic flick.

Did James kill Sarah? Is his family actually dead? And how will it all end? Tune in on March 2 at 8 p.m. ET to find out if Alison makes it out alive.