This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Feel So Justified For Hating Family Reunions

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Saturday nights are made for snacks, pajamas, and a relaxing date with your couch as you dive into a dramatic flick. And you know you can always depend on Lifetime to deliver all the murder, mayhem, and suspense you can handle each weekend. The network's latest movie The Killer Next Door, isn't based on a true story, but it paints an evil portrait of a vengeful sister-in-law.

Per Lifetime's description, Andrea Bogart plays Julie, who recently lost her husband in a tragic car accident. She decides to relocate with their son Matty for a fresh start and to build a relationship with her sister-in-law (and husband's twin) Alison. The trio becomes tight-knit, but Julie doesn't know that Alison blames her for her brother's death and wants to get her out of the picture so she can have Matty all to herself.

Ummm, yikes. It's a typical Lifetime movie plot with all the twist-filled drama that has kept fans glued to their TVs for decades. And because it's completely fictional, you don't have to feel bad about being super judgmental when the characters inevitably make bad decisions.

Sadly, there's no The Killer Next Door trailer, but it's not too hard to imagine how everything will go down. Julie was likely driving when she got into the accident that took her husband's life. She probably didn't want to face scrutiny from people in her current town, so she decided to move across the country to start over. She likely had little to no relationship with Alison prior to moving out there, but she really wants to connect with her sister-in-law because they are both in pain right now. And there was probably one good reason Julie's husband moved so far away from his sister in the first place – he already knew she was Lifetime movie-grade suspicious.

But poor Julie becomes extremely close to Alison nonetheless, and Alison becomes obsessed with her nephew, Matty. Alison is delusional and sees so much of her twin brother in Matty that she wants to get Julie out of the picture and rekindle the sibling bond she's now missing out on. It remains to be seen if Alison will hurt others who try to intervene, but there's definitely going to be a showdown between Alison and Laura as they fight over Matty.

Who will win? Well, the protagonist usually comes out on top, so it's not looking too good for Alison. In the end, Alison will either end up dead or behind bars and Julie will probably have to move yet again. Of course, there will be other characters and a couple of interesting subplots in the mix but, generally speaking, this is probably how the main conflict will play out. Lifetime movies can sometimes be super predictable, but at this point, they're like the film equivalent of comfort food — just, you know, with a lot of murder and drama.

How will it all end? Find out when The Killer Next Door premieres March 30 at 8 p.m. ET.