Is The Light Pink Beauty Blender Limited Edition? The New Product Is For A Very Special Occasion

As if there weren't already enough colors to add to your collection, BeautyBlender has created another one. The brand now has a light pink makeup tool that just happens to be for a very special occasion. Just like the post-holiday celebration, the light pink BeautyBlender Bubble won't be around for long though. You'll want to stock up on these limited-edition items while you still can.

When beauty companies celebrate their anniversary with new products, everyone wins. BeautyBlender created a light pink makeup sponge to celebrate their 15th birthday, and trust me when I say that you're going to want it. According to the site, it works the same way as the original sponge. The only thing that's different is the color.

BeautyBlender Bubble, $20, Sephora

The baby pink BeautyBlender will only be available for a limited time, according to the brand's Instagram. You can either opt for the large, regular sized sponge or the set. Each of the sizes are both available on the BeautyBlender or Sephora website. The color of these items might be brand new, but the prices stay the same. You can shop the large sponge for $20 each or the small for $18 for two. Basically, if you're looking to invest in either of these, now is the time.

BeautyBlender Bubble, $20, Sephora

The celebratory color wasn't chosen out of nowhere though. According to the Sephora site, the pale color is meant to be reminiscent of a pink champagne pop and fizz. The company also calls this hue the color of 2017, so now's the time to stock up.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate, in my opinion. As of right now, there's no exact date that the product will be discontinued. You should probably stock up while you still can. Especially considering that it's been deemed the color of the new year.

BeautyBlender Bubble, $20, Sephora

So what are you waiting for? Go snag a few of these beauties while they're still around!

Images: Sephora (2)