Lifetime's 'The Wrong Crush' Taps Into Real Fears


Lifetime has nailed down the fine art of bringing the darkest parts of human nature onto our television sets and turning them into something bizarrely entertaining. Often, these TV movie adventures turn out to be based on a true story, because the truth is almost always stranger than fiction. Lifetime's newest addition to their lineup is The Wrong Crush, about a previously troubled young woman who finds herself stalked by a new student. The plot sounds believable enough, so is The Wrong Crush based on a true story?

Well, while it is entirely possible that a similar scenario has played out in some high school at one point or another, there is nothing to indicate that this particular film was ripped from any real headline. For one thing, Lifetime tends to heavily advertise its true stories as such. After all, it is can be a big draw for a television show or a film when there is a real story behind all the drama. (I mean, raise your hand if you too were fooled by The Blair Witch Project's marketing ploy.) This must have something to do with our most primal, voyeuristic tendencies as a society. Of course, that is a whole different topic that might also be well-suited for Lifetime movie.

The Wrong Crush stars some young unknowns, as well as Vivica A. Fox. It spins a classic stalker tale on its head by peppering in the fact that the young woman being stalked is in the process of trying to turn her life around after a pretty traumatic past. When I say that, I mean her past transgressions — including substance abuse — resulted in the death of her best friend. Lifetime's synopsis for the movie reveals that she is also in a committed relationship, and a transfer student continuously makes it his mission to show up wherever she is and make unwanted advances. Basically, this newly reformed "bad girl" is being tested in a big way.


Since there's not strict real-life basis for The Wrong Crush, there's no way how to definitively predict how it will end. But I had to venture a guess, I would think there will either be an arrest or a murder, because both of those conclusions are Lifetime faves. And honestly, when it comes to soapy dramas, I wouldn't have it any other way.