Is Toby Alive On 'This Is Us'? He's Out Of The Woods For Now

This Is Us played the meanest trick in the book with their fall finale—Toby, who is the cutest, most doting boyfriend on the show, had what looked like a heart attack on Christmas Eve. Everyone was having a great time, it was the most Christmasy of all moments, and then bam—everything was ruined. And we all had to wait six weeks to find out Toby’s fate! Is Toby alive on This Is Us?

Don’t worry, Kate and Toby shippers! Toby just had a cardiac incident, not a full-on heart attack, and he and Kate looked mighty cozy. It sure seemed like Toby was okay, since he tried to get Kate to get busy with him in his private hospital bed. But it’s not all fun and games for Toby right now—turns out that his incident was caused by a tiny, totally fixable hole in his heart. When Toby heard the news, though, he went blank, and he said that he didn’t want the surgery. Kate thought him an idiot, and had to leave because she “couldn’t yell at a man with a heart condition.” I can’t blame Kate for that—I’m a doer, and even though something like heart surgery seems super scary, it’s better to do the research and get it done. I think Kate’s on my side on this one.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Luckily, Toby changed his mind and opted for the surgery, even though he was terrified about it. I think this will be a turning point in Kate and Toby’s relationship—besides the fact that Toby said he loved Kate, going through the trauma and stress of surgery really cements a couple. The good times are easy to get through, but the bad times? That’s a little more complicated. Toby’s surgery is actually a good thing for This Is Us, and hoping every else goes okay, it’s good for Kate and Toby, too.