Is Tom Sandoval Really The *Best* Best Man? An Investigation

Tom Sandoval in his "Best" Best man informercial.

Tom Sandoval: Vanderpump Rules star, bartender, author, (partial) restaurant owner... and the *best* best man alive?

Though getting fully disinvited from Jax and Brittany's wedding doesn't exactly scream *best* best man material, as soon as Jax reinstated him as his co-best man in Vanderpump's March 3 episode, Sandoval ran with it. Not only did he bring beers (and an ice backpack) for all of the groomsmen to chug during the wedding rehearsal, he held an umbrella over Jax so he would have some shade. In fact, Sandoval thinks he goes so above and beyond as best man, he could start a business offering his services to grooms everywhere. Cue a delightfully cheesy infomercial, complete with testimonies from his fellow cast members.

"Hi, I'm Tom Sandoval, and I put the best in best man," he proclaimed. "I make sure you don't sweat. I don't throw shade, I provide you with it. And so much more!"

I must agree with Sandoval that the evidence speaks for itself: he has a 100% success rate as best man. Both Jax and Tom Schwartz are still happily married, and the one wedding on the show in which he wasn't the best man — Scheana's — ended in divorce, as she pointed out herself. Is it a pro or a con that he cried into a dog at Schwartz and Katie's wedding? Unclear! But it definitely spices up the ceremony.


Besides, the drama with Jax is actually just further proof of Sandoval's best man skills. Jax (and everyone else) may have gotten mad, but in the grand scheme of things, he was just trying to get Jax to self-reflect, take some accountability, and do better in the future. That's something only a true best man would do.

Does that make him the *best* best man in existence? He's certainly better than the dude who slept with the bride in Bridget Jones' Diary, and the entire bridal party from The Hangover, who left their groom to get sunburnt on the roof for an entire day. But that's an admittedly low bar. Dial 1-800-T-SANDY to try your luck.