You'll Want To Follow Is Vincent Zhou On Social Media As His Career Rises Further

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As the youngest American Winter Olympian athlete, U.S. figure skater at only 17 years old, Vincent Zhou has officially stolen the hearts of everyone watching the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games. Not only is he adorable and endearing to watch, but he is also unbelievably talented. At such a young age, it is really amazing to watch him do his thing on the ice. So, since everyone is going to want to follow his exciting rise to the top, does Vincent Zhou have a Snapchat?

Well, upon some serious sleuthing, it doesn't really look like he has any Snapchat to speak of. No mention of a username anywhere and no evidence that one exists to be found. Of course, this could mean that he is just keeping it super top secret and honestly, who could blame him? After becoming so well known and having your every move documented to be potentially scrutinized by the public, it's OK to want to keep some of your private life, private. After all, at 17 years old, his behavior will likely be looked at even closer by some and I don't think anyone wants to be judged, but especially not someone who is already professionally judged on the ice for a living.

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He may not have a publicly known Snapchat, but Zhou does have a Twitter and it is actually a great read. He is not afraid to respond to some haters, either. Recently, Edward Egros from Fox 4 Sports tweeted several attacks on figure skating as a sport. "I have the utmost respect for figure skaters, only a few people in the universe can do it and they deserve my praise," he wrote. "But it’s not a sport." He kept discussing the subject, also tweeting, "saying figure skating isn’t a sport, and the defensiveness is incredible."

Zhou saw the tweet and responded with a jab of his own.

Egros didn't apologize, but he did respond to Zhou, writing, "I wish you nothing but the best."

Zhou also has a pretty active Instagram account as well, which might make it easier to follow his life because of the addition of the Instagram stories that he seems to post to at least every now and then. His posts heavily focus on his skating career and but every now and then he sneaks in a personal photo that will gives fans a look into his everyday life as well. One of the most personal photos happens to be an entry in his journal from November 2017, where he speaks about his fears, his motivations, and his goals for his training. It is certainly a touching glimpse into this athlete's mindset as he takes on one of the biggest stages there is.

People are really taking notice of Zhou and his abilities already, but now, after some recent developments, things are probably going to get even more exciting for this athlete. On Feb. 15, during his short program, he managed to do the impossible. Zhou landed a move called the quad lutz. Aside from it being one of the most difficult moves to nail in figure skating, upon his perfect landing, Zhou became the first athlete to complete this move in the Winter Olympics. That means he has officially made history at 17 years old, during his first appearance in the Olympics. No big deal.

Fans are definitely going to want to keep an eye on Zhou, and, luckily, he seems to be pretty open with his life on social media. His time in PyeongChang seems like it might only be the beginning of a truly miraculous career.