This Cryptic Tweet Has The Internet CONVINCED Vine Is Coming Back


There are many ways a person can flaunt their creativity on social media. But it was Vine, which provided users the medium of 6 second video loops, that entertained us in a totally new way. Unfortunately, however, as quick as the videos looped, the app was gone. Wipe your bored tears and let me whisper in your ear, there are rumors that Vine may be coming back. Hold off on rehearsing your best, "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?" impressions, though; nothing has been officially confirmed. Everything we know about a revival is mere speculation based off a series of cryptic tweets from the original co-creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann. (Bustle has reached out to Hofmann for comment on his tweets, but has not yet heard back.)

To ease the gap on our home screen and within our entertainment apps since Vine shut down in 2016, other social media platforms like Instagram adopted different video formats and sharing methods. YouTube hosted montages of the best Vines to date. We were invited to continue viewing our favorite Viner's content — just on a different stage. The transition has proven successful for most popular Viners but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't ~different~. A second version of Vine would be like a long overdue homecoming. The world needs six seconds of creativity to watch on loop for a solid minute. Do it for the Vine ... community.

If you're unfamiliar, Vine was basically a black hole that led to an entire new universe of entertainment options. It sucked you in for what could be hours, discovering content ranging from mind bending magic tricks thanks to its editing feature to chill inducing voices of seemingly angels belting out original tunes in their childhood bedroom (what's up, Shawn Mendes) to a new genre of oddball comedy. Vine kind of disrupted our status quo of stars and entertainers. You might not have known that some kid from Florida had millions of followers and basically rivaled Justin Bieber in teenage heart throb status. The app launched Hollywood careers, romances, and communities. It sparked viral phenomenons and harped on #relatable content. And it begged questions like, is this real entertainment? How can we define these internet stars in an established industry of film and TV? I could honestly go to graduate school to study Vine.

Regardless of how deep you want to get into ~what it all means~ or producing literally billions of loops, it was on-the-surface enjoyable. Bringing it back, in an evolved world of Instagram and YouTube, would be a treat. But, there are no promises of its return. These rumors are solely based off of a tweet by Vine co-founder Hofmann, who sparked hope in our instant-entertainment craving hearts.

Remind yourself how to stop-motion, because this could be a thing. The teased image of a Vine 2, in the original green and typography, comes after a string of tweets from Hofmann. It sounds like he was typing out loud, but back on Nov. 30, he simply stated in a tweet, "i'm going to work on a follow-up to vine. i've been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, dms, etc." This, naturally, piqued interest in the large and worldwide fandom of Vine that still exists on Twitter. Hofmann elaborated saying that he would fund the project himself. but there is nothing to report yet.

Impatiently, I will be refreshing my Twitter feed — or more straight to the point, Hofmann's Twitter profile — to check back for any further updates. Until now we can only re-watch our favorite Vines on YouTube or Instagram to tide us over until ~the world~ is updated on the state of a revived Vine.