This 'GoT' Dragon Moment Was So Shocking

courtesy of HBO

Daenerys did something rash and heroic again on Game of Thrones, but this time paid a terrible price. In Sunday's episode, her dragon Viserion died on Game of Thronesat least for a moment or two. The Northern rescue mission did not go as expected.

Sure, Drogon is Daenerys' favorite dragon, but the "child" named after Viserys had his fair share of adventures as well. He and Rhaegal were often a pair, fighting over lambs together and getting locked up together for killing a child together. They were like the Fred and George Weasley of Game of Thrones, unfortunately in more ways than one.

If Drogon hadn't been injured by Bronn, Daenerys probably would have taken him North of the Wall After so many seasons with a sea between characters, it still sounds crazy that Bronn would be responsible for a change in Dany's plans. Nevertheless, the Mother of Dragons took her dynamic duo North to burn out some White Walkers and rescue the Zombie Squad. While Daenerys rode Rhaegal and started picking up the stranded team, Viserion was shot by an extremely well-aimed ice spear thrown by the Night King. He went down spouting flames, then slid into the icy sea in mortal defeat.

Then there was a bit of a twist. The Night King instructed his army (which is surprisingly well coordinated for zombies) to fetch Viserion, and they turned him into a freaking Ice Dragon. So while Viserion is technically alive again, he's changed for the worse.

Does this connect at all to Viserion's namesake? Viserys was not the first of Daenerys' brothers to die. That would be Rhaegar, Jon Snow's father. The dragon named after him is still flying, and mourning the loss of his brother. Viserys did often speak about waking the dragon. That's technically what just happened to Viserion, from a certain point of view. The significance is something to think about.

At the very least, Viserion's death gives Daenerys a concrete reason to join Jon's cause and defeat the Night King. It's personal now. The Night King may have met his match with Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, but now the Mother of Dragons is after him as well.