Wells Hints At What His 'BiP' Future Holds

by Alaina Urquhart-White

It was tough to accept the fact that Bachelor In Paradise would be missing Jorge the bartender in Season 4. Luckily, Chris Harrison didn't leave fans completely high and dry. BiP brought in fan favorite Wells Adams to take his place behind the bar. Obviously Wells will likely attract some attention from the ladies in Paradise because he is a catch of the highest order. But, is Wells allowed to date on Bachelor In Paradise?

Like Chris Harrison said on the first episode of this season, Wells is not there to date. His gig is strictly to be the bartender in the same way that Jorge was there. He will give out drinks and maybe even some advice to a heartbroken cast member along the way — but this is first and foremost a job for him. I don't necessarily believe he is forbidden from dating, but it sounds like he isn't really supposed to. Wells spilled the tea on this topic to Bustle Senior Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler and Romper Senior News & Entertainment Editor Allison Piwowarski on Bustle's Bachelor podcast, Will You Accept This Podcast? (which you can listen to here), and confirmed that he is there mainly to, in his words, "watch the dumpster fire burn," which is the most amazing description of this show I have ever heard.

According to Wells, he isn't super upset that his job title keeps him from getting too involved in the dates and drama. "I landed the sweetest gig in the history of the Bachelor world," he said in reference to taking Jorge's place. He was fully ready to embrace just "having one or two funny lines, giving someone a hug or maybe some advice" during his time in Paradise. After all, he got a front row seat to the drama without having to be a part of it.

As for any fans who still insist that he won't be able to stay completely out of the drama and dating scene, Well says, "They are probably smart to think that." Does that sound like a tease to you? Wells continued, "If I go on dates, does that mean I don't get to be the bartender anymore? And knowing the type of person I am, would you think that I would forfeit the cool gig that I got to go on dates?" But, if you think that means he didn't go on any dates, he then added, "If I did, who would be the one to be able to pull me from behind the bar?"

That all sounds pretty cryptic. He could either be deliberately pulling fans down the wrong path or just covertly spilling the beans on a potential romance. But, whatever Well's ends up doing during his time in Paradise, I think Bachelor Nation is just happy to see him there at all. Let's hope he does Jorge proud.