This Terrifying Nail Art Trend Is Taking Over Instagram

The newest "it" nail trend on the internet is literally It. Instagram's newest — and most terrifying beauty craze — is nail art inspired by Pennywise the clown from It. These manicures, featuring Pennywise's creepy face and makeup, piercing eyes, fang-like teeth, red hair, and other visual references to the smash hit, are perfect for the Halloween season.

Seriously, though. If you choose to rock a "Penny mani," you won't even need to bother with an elaborate costume for any Halloween parties you plan to attend. That's because everyone will be fussing over your awesome, conversation-starting Pennywise nails.

This is truly a chance for you — or your nail tech — to get dangerously creative in the best possible way.

The delightfully ghoulish nail art, which is all over Insta, is so lifelike, with killer (!!!) attention to detail. If the remake of the Stephen King classic had you perched on the edge of your seat or gnawing on your cuticles, it's time to take the power back from Pennywise and immortalize the character via your nails.

Pennywise really translates wonderfully on the body of a nail. You can take things up a notch with coffin or dagger-shaped nails boasting Pennywise's image and likeness.

Go forth and siphon inspo from these It manicures.

It's Pennywise's jaundiced eyes that stand out most from the five fingers in this manicure. Or maybe it's the paper boat, which is a key plot device, that draws the eye even more. Nevermind. Every nail on this hand slays.

ACK! The pointy, pinky nail reads, "You'll float, too," which is a crucial, oft-repeated line of dialogue.

If anyone has ever told you that getting your nails did is a frivolous activity, an It mani proves to be an act of self-expression. If you are a horror movie buff, you can display your love for this blockbuster on your digits.

The red balloon is a recurring visual in the film — and in Pennywise nail art. When you take a moment to absorb and appreciate all of the stories that are told via each nail, you'll never want to return to a uniform mani featuring that same color on every finger. It-themed nail art is totally representative of the creative types who finds beauty in the most unusual and unexpected places.

OMG! Talk about nail art of the highest order, thanks to the yarn-like tufts of hair on Pennywise's head, the random patterns of the blood spatter, and the hatchet. It's a perfectly executed mix of creepy and cute, with the "cute" aesthetic stemming from the harmless polkadots and seemingly innocent balloons.

This nail artist deserves a follow, and not just because of her It nails. Her work is breathtaking. All of the Pennywise manis that are asserting themselves on Instagram prove that nail art is a true artform.

Both versions of Pennywise in nail art form are scary AF! Betcha can't pick a favorite.

Nail artisans work on a super tiny and unpredictable bodily canvas yet still manage to create a design with a staggering amount of lifelike detail. Working in such a confined space is no easy task and the end result is nothing short of glorious.

What a weapon-like point. The shape elevates this manicure to a whole other level.

These DIY nails are deliciously menacing because the interpretation of Pennywise is simple but so spot on.

If the Pennywise-themed nails didn't cause the baby fine hairs of your neck to stand on end, then go ahead and re-watch the signature scene from the film, featuring the clown in the sewer. Perhaps it will inspire one of the fingers in your potential Pennywise manicure.