It’s Shocking How Many Different Useful Things These 39 Multi-Functional Products On Amazon Can Do

In the competitive world of products, it’s no longer enough for a gadget to do just one thing. A sponge that’s only a sponge is fine if you're feeling uninspired, but if you’re shopping for cool things on Amazon, you want a product that stands out in some way. A sponge that’s also a loofah, perhaps. Oh, and it's also a laundry scrubber, a coaster, and hot pad. Now that’s something that you'll use.

If I’m going to spend my hard-earned money on something, I want to make sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it. Things that serve multiple purposes make this more likely. I’m talking about things like curling irons that are also hair brushes, oil diffusers that double as alarm cocks, night lights that charge your phone, or radios that have built-in flashlights.

There are also tons of single-function devices that can be used for many different things. Reusable twist ties, for example. You can use those to bundle everything from garden hoses to sandwich bags to electric cords. Or perhaps you are looking for a bottle opener. Why not get one that also can open lids, jars, pull tabs, and other containers?

For your viewing pleasure, I spent some time scrolling through products online to find the best multi-functional product on Amazon. Here is a gallery of the coolest discoveries I made.

1. A Powerful Handheld Blender That Has Six Speed Functions

OXA Smart 4-In-1 Immersion Blender, $40, Amazon

Made with a super strong six-speed motor, this powerful 300-watt blender can pulverize fruit, chop veggies, and whip things like milk and butter into smooth, beautiful batters. It has a razor-sharp blades and easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe attachments. The minimalist design of the 600-milliliter beaker keeps it simple yet elegant, and it comes with a whisk attachment and splash guard.


2. A Useful Curling Wand With Five Custom Attachments

Xtava 5-In-1 Curling Wand And Iron, $38, Amazon

This ain't your grandma's curling iron. Designed with five unique attachments, you can use this single styling wand to get tousled, beachy waves, tight ringlets, or big, loose curls. The kit comes with a a small tapered clip-less barrel, a larger tapered clip-less barrel, a .7-inch clamped barrel, a 1-inch clamped barrel, and a 1.25-inch clamped barrel. Bonus: it even comes with a heat-resistant glove for safety. Each of the interchangeable ceramic tourmaline heads keep your hair smooth and frizz-free, and the iron itself boasts nine temperature settings to ensure the perfect hold.


3. An Amazing Multi-Tool That Has Everything You Need For Making Cocktails

Barbarian Citrus Press Multi-Function Bar Tool, $43, Amazon

Prepare to be Inspector Gadget behind the bar with this awesomely versatile multi-tool that has everything you need to make the perfect cocktail. In one small gadget, you get a corkscrew, jigger, cutting knife, label knife, can lance, zester, channel knife, and a bottle opener. The cool device works for beer bottles, tin cans, wine bottles, lemons, limes, oranges, olives, and other fancy garnishes.


4. A Mixing Bowl With A Clever Built-In Colander And Easy-Tip Edge

Joseph Joseph 40063 Multi-Function Bowl, $17, Amazon

This multi-purpose kitchen gadget isn't your ordinary serving bowl. The versatile device is built with an integrated colander on one side that you can use to drain pasta and veggies — or rinse grains and legumes. The compact design allows you to rinse, drain, mix, and serve meals all on one handy bowl without having to dirty up multiple dishes. It's great for salads, fruit, pasta dishes, noodles, and more.


5. A Super Durable Multi-Tool Pen With Nine Practical Functions

Kalogl Multi-Tool Pen, $12, Amazon

Whether you're a student, someone who works in an office, or just a creative type who spends a lot of time on craft projects, this brilliant multi-tool pen will come in handy. In one small device, it's equipped with a touch screen stylus, a ballpoint pen, a ruler, level, Phillips screwdriver, and flathead. Then pen is encased in an ultra-durable, heavy-weight barrel with six sides and a sleek design.


6. An Ultra-Durable Water Bottle That Also Charges Your Phone

Bear Grylls 3-In-1 Hydro Lamp, $20, Amazon

If you're looking for a water bottle that can also power your phone and light up the hallway, look no further. This ultra-sturdy, Tritan water flask has a built-in USB power bank and three powerful LED lights that shift between low, medium, and high illumination settings. It's made from incredibly lightweight material and features a secure, leak-proof lid so you'll never have water seeping out the sides.


7. A Reversible Cutting Board With A Special Groove To Catch Juice

Elegant House Plastic Cutting Board, $15, Amazon

This incredibly durable cutting board is not only BPA-free and heat-resistant up to an impressive 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it's also reversible. Use it on one side to cut wet items such as meat and seafood, then flip it over to dice dry foods such as bread. The wet side has a handy juice groove to catch liquids and prevent them from dirtying up the counter, while the dry side provides an extra-thick, tough and sturdy surface for chopping.


8. A Supremely Handy Multi-Tool That's Shaped Like A Snowflake

HexFlex BO23S Adventure Tool, $15, Amazon

Constructed with sturdy steel material and a black oxidized finish, this snowflake-shaped multi-tool offers tons of convenient gadgets in one small, convenient device. Its 15 uses include Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, hex wrench, box cutter, bottle opener, and more. "These are very compact to toss in your car glove compartment or bag for emergencies," said one happy Amazon customer. "Great idea for an invention. "


9. A Set Of Super Practical Spill Stoppers That Prevent Your Pasta From Bubbling Over

AuSincere Spill Stopper Lid Cover, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

When you're boiling pasta, rice, or other culinary creations, these clever spill stoppers prevent the gunky water from bubbling over and creating a big mess on your stovetop. They're made with smooth, food-grade silicone that's bendable and easy to adjust. Plus, the material can withstand temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit so you don't have to worry about your lid melting into your linguine. But what else do they do? They can function as a steamer for your vegetables, and a heat-safe lid for your microwaveable goods.


10. A Flexible Silicone Scrubbing Tool That Has A Million Uses

Goddess Of Gadgets Bump It Off Cleaning Tool, $10, Amazon

This squishy multi-purpose cleaning tool is one of those home gadgets that does practically everything. It scrubs dishes, removes stains out from laundry items, and works as a soft but highly effective grooming tool for your pets. The sponge is made with flexible silicone — with bumpy nodes on one side to provide texture, while the handy finger holes make scrubbing easy. As a bonus, you can also use it as a shower exfoliator for at-home spa treatments.


11. An Electric Exfoliating Tool That Cleans Your Face, Removes Makeup, And Offers Pedicures

Eterauty Waterproof Facial Brush, $25, Amazon

Forget those one-size-fits-all facial brushes with single attached heads that can only be used for one thing. This hugely versatile cleansing tool comes with five different attachments, offering a full range of uses including two small facial brushes for cleansing, a sponge head to remove your makeup, a pumice stone for pedicures, and an extra-large brush for scrubbing your body. The device features two power settings to adjust how hard you want the exfoliation, and soft brushes that unclog pores and brighten your skin.


12. An Ultra-Handy Stirring Tool That Features Soft Blades On The Sides

Zing! Multi-Function Hand Tool, $8, Amazon

This little gadget is the ultimate all-purpose kitchen tool. It has pronged sides you can use to stir eggs, mash potatoes, mix pasta, and stir tomato sauce — while the edges feature soft "blades" for chopping ground meat while you're cooking it. The curved blade design helps evenly distribute spices and seasonings while also shortening cooking time. The result? You'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time watching the latest season of Westworld.


13. A Smartly Designed Kitchen Tool With Five Useful Functions

Joseph Joseph 5-In-1 Kitchen Utensil, $8, Amazon

Behold, this brilliant uni-tool that can be used as a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, stirring rod, and cutting tool. It's constructed with ultra-durable, melt-resistant nylon that can tolerate temperatures reaching 480 degrees Fahrenheit and, best of all, goes in the dishwasher without any fuss. "There (are) a lot of worthless kitchen gadgets out there vying for your hard earned dollar," said one satisfied customer. "This is DEFINITELY N O T one of those. This is: well thought out; well worth the price of entry; handy; ergonomic; just plain utilitarian and functional."


14. An Innovative Toaster Oven With Handy Slots On Top For Bread

Hamilton Beach Kitchen Toastation Countertop Oven, $38, Amazon

If your kitchen counter looks like a jumbled mess of appliances, this two-in-one toaster oven is a great way to save space. On top of offering a high-end toaster oven in the main compartment for pizza or leftovers, it has a cleverly designed space on top that fits two regular pieces of bread. The opening is slim enough to fit toast without it wobbling around, yet wide enough to heat bagels without them tearing apart when you take them out. The toaster has a slide function lever, an easy-clean tray, and a handy auto shutoff function.


15. An Auto-Detecting Night Light That Has USB Ports, Too

WisHome LED Night Light With Sensor, $8, Amazon

Featuring three separate light modes, this automatic night light provides illumination when it's dark and shuts off when the sun comes out again. It's simple to use — just plug it into the wall and let the light sensor detect when it starts getting dark. The soft LED provides enough light to guide you to the bathroom in the middle of the night without being so bright that you can't sleep. The convenient plug-in device also has a USB charging port to juice up your phone.


16. A Beach-Ready Leave-In Conditioner That Also Protects It From The Sun

Sun Bum 3-In-1 Hair Conditioner Spray, $13, Amazon

Rather than having three separate bottles take up space on your vanity, this awesome three-in-one hair treatment does the job of conditioning, detangling, and providing UV protection for dyed or colored hair. The sweet-smelling blend of coconut and sunflower seed oil is ultra-hydrating with ingredients that give your hair lots of extra body and shine. You can use it wet or dry, nourishing your hair while preventing it from getting damaged or brittle.


17. A Super Utilitarian Divided Pan You Can Use To Cook Five Things At Once

Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Grill, $41, Amazon

Never again will you have to wash half a dozen different pans after making one simple meal. This ridiculously convenient divided grill features five different slots to cook eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and other skillet items — all at the same time. The 15-inch pan has a thick-gauge metallic base that evenly distributes heat and a smooth, non-stick coating. Even better, it's fully dishwasher-safe.


18. An Amazingly Indulgent Alarm Clock That Diffuses Spa-Like Scented Mists

PureGuardian Ultrasonic Cool Mist Deluxe, $47, Amazon

Wake up to the the sensation of a high-end spa with this aromatherapy oil diffuser and alarm clock. With a high-tech ultrasonic humidifier, the cool contraption is on a timer that releases a fine mist of your favorite essential oils at whatever time you set it to, allowing you to add scents like vanilla, lavender, rose, or eucalyptus. Fall asleep to relaxing aromas or rise in the morning to refreshing, invigorating scents. It also has a color-changing night light and touch-control settings.


19. A Handy Kitchen Appliance That Has Six Completely Different Functions

Instant Pot Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, $60-109, Amazon

Available in three sizes ranging from 3 to 8 quarts, this top-grade pressure cooker features six appliances in one. With three adjustable heat modes, it can be used as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, cake maker, and food warmer. The easy-touch controls are smooth and painless, while the stainless steel rack and three-ply bottom evenly distributes the heat for an even cook.


20. A Two-In-One Phone Holder That Takes Selfies And Also Works As A Car Mount

Saachso Phone Ring Holder Stand, $8, Amazon

This two-in-one phone holder allows you to snap selfies in portrait or landscape mode, depending on your mood. On top of that, it doubles as a car mount, easily sliding into your air vents to offer you a hands-free screen to switch music or use your navigation features. The powerful adhesive sticks to the back of your phone without budging, while the little swivel pieces snap into place easily, trimming down extra bulk.


21. A Bar Of All-Natural Soap With Built-In Bug Repellent

Osana All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap, $24, Amazon

The days of dousing yourself in nasty chemicals to prevent bug bites are over. This all-natural soap is made with a built-in insect repellent, offering a natural way to keep the bugs at bay. The formula is a smooth blend of citronella, menthol leaf extract, coconut oil, palm oil, and safflower — which provides pleasant-smelling, non-toxic bite prevention. Just lather up in the shower like you normally would, rinse, and watch the mosquitos fly right by you.


22. An Emergency Radio That Utilizes Three Types Of Power

Esky Emergency Radio With Hand Crank Power, $17, Amazon

Whether you're prepping for the apocalypse or just going camping for the weekend, this multi-powered emergency radio offers three different ways to juice up in a jam. First, you can charge your phone using a regular USB port. Secondly, you can use its solar panel to get energy from the sun. Lastly, in a serious emergency, you can use the hand crank to power up communications (and the USB port) with a few turns of the shaft. On top of providing a radio, the sturdy, water-resistant device has a flashlight and a built-in NOAA station for weather updates.


23. A Spoon Rest That Features An Integrated Herb Stripper And Mini Grater

KITCHENDAO 3-In-1 Ceramic Ginger Grater And Spoon Rest, $14, Amazon

Made with smooth ceramic that's heat-resistant for incredibly high temperatures, this multi-purpose kitchen tool functions as a spoon or spatula rest, herb stripper, and mini-grater for things like ginger, garlic, onions, hard cheese, and other food items. The ceramic is anti-acid and rust-free with a sleek surface and elegant white design, too.


24. A Boar's Hair Brush For Boosting Energy And Increasing Circulation

Ineffable Care Dry Body Brush, $17, Amazon

Constructed with 100 percent natural boar hair bristles, this soft body brush features an ergonomic bamboo handle and silky, smooth fibers. It has a million functions — use it to relieve stress, increase lymph flow, exfoliate dead skin, clean your pores, and boost energy and blood circulation. It has an extra-long handle to access hard-to-reach spots on your back or other areas, along with a dry brushing guide in a PDF guide.


25. A Multi-Function Tool That Opens Jars, Pull Tabs, Bottles, And More

Progressive Prepworks 6-In-1 Multi-Opener, $8, Amazon

If you have anything to open, this amazingly versatile multi-tool can do the job. Built with ultra-durable material and a sturdy yet comfortable grip, the six-in-one tool opens seals, lids, bags, pull tabs, bottle caps, screws, jars, and more. "I love this multi opener!" said one excited Amazon customer. "I've used this on a wide variety of jars, bottles, and pull-tops, and it works like a charm."


26. A Sleek Curling Iron With a Built-In Brush And Straightener

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush, $33, Amazon

There's no sense in using two different tools to style your hair when you can do it with one. This clever curling iron-brush combination packs both gadgets into a single sleek device. Use it as a regular comb when brushing your hair, or plug it in to create voluminous curls. It also has a hair straightening feature on the other side for smoothing things out. The versatile iron showcases safe anti-scald nylon bristles and a cool tip to prevent styling disasters.


27. A Charcoal-Based Facial Cleanser That Also Exfoliates Your Skin

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Stick, $10, Amazon

Scrubbing your face with charcoal may sound a little wild but it works like magic. This two-in-one detoxifier scrubs your skin while also cleansing it, offering exfoliation and pore treatment in one neat little stick. The charcoal works to lift toxins and excess oil from your skin, while the tomato extract cleans it and prevents blemishes. It's packaged like deodorant stick, making it great for travel or the gym.


28. A Smart Light Bulb That Switches Colors When You Play Music

Flux Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb, $30, Amazon

This awesome smart bulb allows you to control the lighting remotely from your phone, setting up schedules, customizing color transitions, and even setting it up so that different pieces of music trigger various color motifs. It burns for 20,000 hours, and syncs effortlessly with its companion app. "This light bulb is futuristic, customizable, and fun to play around with," said one enthusiastic reviewer. "It connects quickly and is easy and straightforward to use."


29. A Pair Of Cleaning Gloves That Feature Scouring Pads On The Hands

Cojoy Cleaning Gloves, $12, Amazon

Built with heavy-duty latex, these tough cleaning gloves not only provide protection for your hands while you're scrubbing away, they also offer a handy scouring pad to add some extra elbow grease. Whether you're washing dishes, scrubbing the floor, cleaning the bathroom, or even doing laundry, the composite microfiber provides plenty of friction to tackle stubborn dirt and stains.


30. A Packet Of Reusable Twist Ties You Can Use To Bundle Virtually Anything

Nite Ize Original Gear Ties, $11 (8 Pack), Amazon

These reusable twist ties work for just about anything you can imagine twisting or bundling — electric cords, phone chargers, garden hoses, headphones, sandwich bags, ski poles, and more. You can also use them to hang things like lanterns or secure things down when packing for trips. They feature a rubber encasing that's extruded over the inner wires and molecularly-bonded, ensuring they won't separate from the wire after heavy use. The flexible strips are easy to fasten, and won't knot or tangle when you remove them.


31. A Fantastically Useful Multi-Tool That's Shaped Like A Small Animal

Kikkerland Animal Multi-Tool, $15, Amazon

Designed to look like a small animal, this adorably practical multi-tool includes a flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, wire stripper, file, hole punch, bottle opener, and utility knife. The tools are encased in a chic beechwood that looks cute while being super durable, too. Each one is constructed with tough stainless steel, and the end of the gadget has a ring on it to loop through a keychain.


32. An All-In-One Makeup Brush You Can Use For Powders, Liquids, And Gels

Chic Republic Retractable Makeup Brush, $12, Amazon

If your cosmetics drawer is overflowing with too many makeup brushes, this multi-purpose complexion brush will help you consolidate things. On top of your basic powder, you can use the brush to apply creams and liquid foundations, concealers, and contouring products. It has a giant buffing brush on one end to help blend blush and bronzers or powder your face, while its retractable design makes it perfect for use on-the-go.


33. A Magic Lash Shield Makes Regular Mascara And Brow Products Waterproof

Mommy Makeup Lash Shield Waterproofing Top Coat, $18, Amazon

Never again be that person with giant black circles under your eyes the minute your mascara gets wet. This awesome lash shield goes over your regular mascara, making any tube of eye makeup instantly waterproof. "This stuff turns any decent mascara into virtually indestructible everything-proof mascara," said one Amazon user. "I normally use Clinique products, but even their mascaras would either slide or flake off eventually. ... This stuff is terrific if you have problems with mascara staying put." It also works with brow products!


34. A Practical Set Of Kitchen Gadgets That Stack Together To Save Space

DEXING Tech 5-In-1 Kitchen Tool, $9, Amazon

This easy, stackable kitchen set features an egg separator, juicer, grater, and funnel — all of which perfectly fit inside a tall and sturdy, 300-milliliter measuring cup. You can use the accessories to mince garlic, grate ginger, juice fruit, separate egg yolks, funnel oils, and prepare tons of other foods. "I do cooking every day and usually need different tools," said one happy Amazon user. "This multi-function kitchen tool is excellent and all of five tools can be collected together and do not need more space to store. (It's) light and easy to hold."


35. A Brilliant Swivel Mop With An Integrated Bucket To Spray As You Go

Shiwala 9925 Spray Mop, $24, Amazon

Cleaning the floors with a mop and bucket is the worst, and this cool cleaning tool ensures you'll never have to do it again. In lieu of a messy bucket, the innovative spray mop has a chamber in the middle you can fill with suds and cleaning products — all while using a spray pump on the side to squirt the solution in front of you as you go. The microfiber head won't scratch the floors as the center pad lifts dust, dirt and grime, whether you're using it wet or dry.


36. A Set Of Versatile Scrubbers You Can Use As Loofahs, Sponges, And More

Zintak Silicone Sponges, $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. These basic-but-brilliant silicone pads can be used as sponges, loofahs, coasters, hot pads, or all four. They showcase scrubbing bristles on one side to exfoliate your skin or wipe down dishes. The other side features an easy-grip material for holding hot drinks or handling warm pans. The tough silicone, which is mold and grime-resistant, can go in the dishwasher without risk of harm.


37. A Titanium-Coated Money Clip With An Integrated Knife

Gerber GDC Money Clip With Knife, $17, Amazon

This practical money clip is built with a fixed blade knife that's super sharp and easily accessible. The clip itself features five credit card slots and a serrated thumb rest to ensure an easy grip. It has titanium-coated steel and a sleek and a sturdy G-10 front plate. One reviewer writes: "I keep 4 credit cards and a few bills no problem. ... It is so light you barely feel it in your pocket."


38. An Inflatable Pad You Can Use As A Seat Cushion, Lumbar Support, Or Camp Pillow

Klymit Cish Inflatable Pillow, $14, Amazon

This comfy blow-up seat pillow can be used when you're sitting on hard ground to provide extra cushioning — however, it also doubles as a lumbar support pad when you're working at your desk. It's made with super comfortable 75D polyester that's ultra-durable and virtually puncture-proof. The pillow weighs less than 3 ounces, making it a great choice for camping and backpacking trips, too.


39. A Clever Apparatus That Makes Baths Fun And Relaxing For Your Pets

Cysmile Pet Bathing Tool, $19, Amazon

Not only will this genius bath sprayer and massaging glove get your pet clean, it will make them love the process. The soft bristles of the glove feel amazing against their skin while scrubbing out dirt that's matted in their fur. The sprayer piece, which comes with three different faucet adapters, diffuses the water into a perfectly sized mist to smoothly wash and rinse. "My small poodle hates baths," said one reviewer. "He was always scared of the large sprayer with too much water pressure making lots of noise. But this time he seemed to enjoy it, especially the massaging scrubbers!" You can also use the glove alone to get rid of excess fur or hair.

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