It's Shocking That All 37 Of These 5-Star Products On Amazon Are Under $15

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The phrase "it's worth every penny" is typically used to defend expensive items that are worth every one of the many pennies you'll spend on them. But you don't always have to break the bank. It's shocking that all of these five-star products on Amazon are under $15 — but it's also proof that quality and affordability are two words that can exist in the same sentence.

There's a lot of competition out there, in all shopping categories. To truly stand out and earn a five-star reputation on Amazon, the items on this list have proven themselves to be innovative products that range from random, but brilliant useful products to tools or creams that resemble the ones you already own, but are just a little bit more clever or of higher quality (and maybe even a lot less expensive).

Even if you didn't plan on snagging one of the best natural hand creams on the market, a gadget that can core pineapples in seconds, or three distinctive types of graters that will turn you into the most creative home chef on the planet, there's no doubt these items will come in handy and are just plain fun to use.

And considering their price tags — there isn't a product on this list that will run you more than $15 — you can't be blamed for wanting to stock up on useful, genius, and super affordable items.

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