Ivanka Thinks Her Dad's Speech Threatening To "Totally Destroy" North Korea Was "Incredible"


Following her dad's address at the United Nations General Assembly, Ivanka Trump posted on Instagram praising the speech as "incredible." That's in spite of criticism he's seen for the speech, in which he threatened to "totally destroy" another member country and put forward an America first vision of foreign policy that sees the United States taking a back seat on maintaining the world order, helping the most vulnerable, and paying for any of it.

"Incredible speech by POTUS as he addresses the world at the United Nations General Assembly today," she wrote in a comment to an uploaded portion of his speech. Ivanka makes no mention of the part of the speech where Trump says "we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea" if the United States or its allies are threatened.

Instead, the portion that Ivanka chose to upload to Instagram is when Trump decides to list some of the most successful foreign aid programs that the United States funds. Nearly all of them began under predecessors. "We have invested in better health and opportunity all over the world through programs like PEPFAR, which funds AIDS relief; the President's Malaria Initiative; the Global Health Security Agenda; the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery; and the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, part of our commitment to empowering women all across the globe," Trump says in the speech.

Only the last program, the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative began since the beginning of the Trump Administration in January. It's a project that Ivanka herself has been publicizing, despite the fact that it's under the auspices of the World Bank, which has tried to distance her from the project. She helped announce the initiative at the G20 several months ago, and it has actually gotten off to a fairly good start, with countries donating $325 million of a $1 billion fundraising goal to help women in developing countries fund their own business ventures.

But not so fast. The rest of the programs Trump mentions, particularly PEPFAR, have actually been threatened by cuts to foreign aid from the Trump Administration's budget proposal.

As for Ivanka, she went on to mention her roles in these areas. "I look forward to furthering the goals of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery at the UN this afternoon with UK Prime Minister May and continuing to champion the World Bank Group's Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative in the months and years to come!" Ivana wrote. Not a mention of the rest of the speech.

On Twitter, the reactions to the president's speech were largely critical. Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California said in a statement that Trump's speech "will be remembered not for rallying the international community around our common challenges, but instead for threatening another nation with annihilation." He was not alone in criticizing the threat as not normal.

Several journalists pointed out the common incredulity around what he said. One person in the press section audibly gasped when he made the threat. "President just threatened to 'totally destroy' another country and mocked its leader at UN. Just take a moment to reflect on that," Susan Glasser, a columnist for Politico wrote on Twitter.

In addition to the threat, others took issue with the America first version of international diplomacy that the president espoused. "Trump's UN speech is despicable trash. He's standing in front of an international diplomatic organization arguing nationalism and war," Melissa McEwan, editor of, wrote. One expert, a co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Carl Bildt, said, "For Trump the world is a game of sovereign nations all putting their interest first. No mention of rules. No concept of global order."

Ivanka's attempt to find the best bit of a very controversial speech worked. But given that her silence on the rest and the chosen descriptor "incredible," it would seem by default that she, like her father, supports renewed nationalism and war.