This Photo Of Ivanka Trump Dressed As A Scientist Got Memed So Fast

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Read the top Iowa newspapers about Ivanka Trump's visit to the state, and you'd imagine her visit to a high-tech school in one Des Moines suburb was well received. But on Twitter, Ivanka Trump memes of the scientist photo shoot were everywhere. During her tour, she tried on a lab coat, pulled on some gloves, donned a pair of safety goggles, and "tested" vape juice for its nicotine content. That photo turned into a meme that kept on giving throughout the day Monday.

Ivanka was on a tour of the Aspiring Professional Experience, or APEX, program of the Waukee School District with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. They went on a tour of the labs and then participated in one of the students' tests. Ivanka donned the lab coat and, according to The Des Moines Register, said jokingly, "I can’t promise that I’ll get this right, but at least we’ll look the part, right?”

That worked for the local audience. The Des Moines Register wrote, "The visit is part of Trump’s wider efforts to support the White House’s infrastructure plan, which includes measures to expand federal job training programs." The Gazette, another Iowa paper based in Cedar Rapids, noted Trump was "really impressed."

But Twitter had none of it. Instead they went to work on these memes.

1) Some Were Relatively Nice

There's some sarcasm here, but nothing too tough.

2) Others Were... Not

Some were extremely harsh.

3) A Few Wondered About The Normal People

The pictures were all about her.

4) Too Staged To Be True

Not even straight-to-streaming.

5) Her Business Was Called Out Too

Although she's just at the White House these days.

6) Jared Became Fair Game Too

Even though he wasn't even in the state.

7) She Does Have Halloween Figured Out Though

If the school let her borrow the digs.

8) Then Those Who Doubted Her Science Chops

The coat didn't fool them.

9) Like, What Was Her Hypothesis?

I don't think Trump tweeted back.

10) #FakeNews

Some didn't buy it.

11) Real Women Scientists Called Her Out Too

They showed her what science really looks like.

12) She Was Even Compared To Emoji Scientist

There's a certain resemblance in the outfit, but not sure what the crown is about.

13) Some Teased Her Father, Too

They tried to explain the science behind his hair.

14) That Was Nicer Than The Russian Jokes, Though

This one is about the investigation into possible collusion.

15) But Others Were Worse

Like those insinuating she was making a chemical weapon like the nerve agent used in the UK.

16) Those With Photoshop Took It To Another Level

This must not be a fan of the tax bill.

17) Maybe Tears Would Be Better?

But "of children" is so harsh.

18) All The Parodies At Once

This pokes fun of more than just her.

19) Even Her Goal Is Under Fire

While in Iowa, Trump mentioned the need to get more women and girls in science- and math-based careers.

"As we embark on the fourth industrial revolution, it’s critical that that trajectory changes and that more women and girls get involved in these important, lucrative, high-paying fields of the future," Trump said in Iowa, according to The Register.

But those messages were largely ignored — in part because of these photos and the memes they came to be.