The Weirdest VMAs Moment Involved Jack Antonoff & A Banana, & Twitter Is Losing It

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It's possible no one had a better time at the 2017 VMAs than Jack Antonoff. His band, Bleachers, performed during the pre-show festivities. He wrote and produced Lorde's Melodrama with the singer, and she performed "Homemade Dynamite" from the album during the show. And, the video for "Look What You Made Me Do", which he co-wrote with Taylor Swift and others, premiered. But no moment of his night was better than when Jack Antonoff ate a banana during the VMAs opening monologue.

Antonoff pulled out the banana during Katy Perry's opening monologue, possibly in an attempt to have a quick snack before the show really kicked off. Unfortunately, the VMAs blew up his spot, revealing his snack habits to the entire VMA audience. The 3-hour ceremony doesn't leave much time to get food, so it was probably for the best that he had prepared a snack for the long ceremony.

While eating a banana seems like a very normal thing, Twitter is bursting with pride and celebration at the sight of Antonoff chomping down during the ceremony. Some believed that it was a sign of him throwing shade at Katy Perry (he and Perry's mortal enemy Taylor Swift have worked together on multiple songs, including "Look What You Made Me Do.") Others saw it as a dismissal of the entire ceremony. Whatever the reason for the mid-show snack, it wasn't long before Twitter started celebrating Antonoff's food choice.

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Jack Antonoff is as dedicated to keeping up with his potassium as he is to putting out hit songs. Whether his banana was some perfectly-timed shade aimed at Katy Perry or simply Antonoff grabbing a snack, he created a wonderful and silly moment that brought joy to people's hearts. Just like a great song can lift people's spirits, Jack Antonoff made the world smile when he ate a banana on camera.