'Love Island' Viewers Have Found Jack Fincham's Lookalike & You Can't Unsee It

by Louise McCreesh
Love Island/ITV

It hasn't been the smoothest of starts for Jack Fincham in the Love Island 2018 villa. After confessing to cheating on all his previous girlfriends, the pen salesmen was quickly friend-zoned by Dani Dyer and left to fend for himself after the two new girls entered the villa and were immediately paired off for one-on-one dates with junior doctor Alex George and the Love Island villa's very own Harry Potter stan Niall Aslam. And now people think they've found Love Island's Jack Fincham's lookalike and it's genuinely hysterical.

So, like I said, it really hasn't been a good start for Fincham. But, hey, if his time on the ITV2 reality series doesn't work out, there may be another career opportunity awaiting him when he gets out. As picked up by viewers on Twitter, Fincham looks uncannily like a Pixar character but — warning — once I tell you who, you won't be able to unsee it, so look away now if you don't want to be caught smiling every time Fincham graces the screen from here on out. Yes, according to viewers on social media, the Love Island contestants bares an eerily semblance to the human Shrek featured in Shrek 2.

Trust me. You won't be able to unsee it.

All in all, I think it's a positive for Fincham that he looks like the human form of human Shrek. I mean, Disneyland Paris surely wouldn't turn down the opportunity to add a real-life replica of the human Shrek to their repertoire, right? They wouldn't even have to pay for his costume, for crying out loud.

Potential post-villa Disneyland career opportunities aside, one would hope Fincham is really in the Love Island villa for the "right reasons" aka to find love, and previous interviews with the reality hopeful certainly suggest as much.

“I haven’t got a particular type but overall I want to find someone that I can have a real laugh with and who I actually want to spend time with,” he told Radio Times. “I want to be relaxed with someone and have a laugh, I want to find a bond with someone."

Love Island/ITV

Indeed, after being sort of binned off by Dani Dyer after the revelation of his cheating past, Fincham did seem genuinely disappointed this particular chance for love was shut down. Although he didn't tell Dani that. Oh no. He pretended to her like he was totally cool with it. “ I think [we should just be friends] as well," he told Dani. "Don’t think I’m like ‘ahh’ I said I do like you and that and I want to see what happens, but I weren’t going like, ‘ahh, this is it now, like, I want to be with her’, I weren’t sort of saying that."

He added: “In terms of romantic, we might be too similar." Nonetheless, it was a different story behind the confessional booth's doors.

“I sort of just like brushed it off like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, I feel the same, I feel the same,' but really, obviously deep down, I’m gutted about it," Jack said.

While his chance with Dani may be well and truly down the drain, this year's series of Love Island will be the longest ever, so Fincham still has another eight weeks to flash those dazzling pearly whites in the direction of another potential love prospect. Who knows what may happen?

Just, don't cheat on them this time, Fincham. It's not something human Shrek would do and it really won't work in your favour if you say, ever wanted to give up selling pens and get that illustrious job at Disneyland.

Love Island airs at 9 p.m. on ITV2.