This Villain Is Back For More Danger In 'Fifty Shades Freed' Teaser Trailer

by Danielle Jackson

No one ever said marriage was easy. The first teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Freed was released on Sunday, Sept. 10 and it looks like things are about to take a pretty dark turn for newlyweds Ana and Christian thanks to the return of Jack Hyde, Ana's former boss who stalked her. The first look at the new film, set to hit theaters on Valentine's Day next year, clocks in at one minute and leaves the viewer wanting more.

It starts off with some imagery of Ana putting on her wedding dress, a gorgeous white lace gown, while Christian recites his wedding vows and slides a ring on her finger just seconds later. Then it's onto some steamy things, because this obviously wouldn't be a Fifty Shades film without it. In one clip, you can see Ana kneeling before Christian as he holds a riding crop underneath her chin and, in another, Christian is seen kissing his new wife's stomach.

Of course, the honeymoon phase doesn't last too long, as it looks like danger is hidden just around the corner for both of them. At one point in the teaser trailer, Christian is seen pointing a gun at one of his ex-lovers, so there's a chance that she may be coming out of the shadows to make appearance out of rage or jealousy. On the other side of things, Ana is seen taking a drive when she glances in her rearview mirror and notices that someone may be following her. Since the very last clip of the first look shows Jack, Ana's former boss whose behavior toward her turned inappropriate very quickly after she was hired as an assistant at Seattle Independent Publishing, holding a knife to Ana's throat. It's possible that the "someone" who's following her might just be him.

Jack has a pretty complicated storyline that doesn't only revolve around Ana though. Sure, he was fired from SIP by Christian when he caught wind of how he was treating Ana, but Jack's issues with Ana's lover go a little deeper than that. When Christian and Jack were younger, they were placed in the same foster home after the death of Christian's mother. Christian ended up being adopted by the Greys, and Jack's jealousy is what inspired him to go after Christian and his entire family.

Spoilers for the book series are ahead. In the book adaptation of Fifty Shades Freed, Jack's plan to hurt Christian and Ana gets busted, as the couple are basically able to save themselves in the end, but we all know how movie plots can stray away from their written counterparts.

Whatever happens, there's definitely trouble in paradise for the both of them and this looks like it's the most dangerous kind.