Jackie & Bobby Kennedy Were Targets For The Rumor Mill

by Alaina Urquhart-White
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Rumors go together with the Kennedy family like peanut butter goes with jelly, and people love to watch that all play out even decades later. New miniseries, The Kennedys – After Camelot on ReelzChannel will dive right into the heart of America's most fascinating political family. The clan is no stranger to scandal and as a whole, and they are known for allegedly being somewhat loose with the idea of marital fidelity. There even rumors that allege that Bobby Kennedy, who was married to Ethel Kennedy, allegedly strayed within the family confines after his brother's assassination. Bobby and Jackie Kennedy had a close relationship, but did things ever turn romantic? It depends on which rumors you're listening to.

It has definitely never been confirmed that Bobby and Jackie Kennedy allegedly engaged in a romantic affair. It has often been alleged because of their tight connection, especially following the death of John, that their relationship had transcended that of just in-laws. In fact, most claims cite JFK's assassination as the tipping point for the alleged romantic affair to begin, due to their shared grief. A book released in 2009 by author C. David Heymann called Bobby And Jackie: A Love Story quotes Truman capote as saying, "It was the coming together of a man and a woman as a result of his bereavement and her mental suffering at the hands of her late lecherous husband."

In 2009, The New York Post published excerpts from Heymann's book and alleged that Jackie and Bobby were each the other one's "true love" and that the "passionate" affair lasted four years. Obviously that is a pretty salacious thing to imply and it is unverified information because the parties involved are not alive to confirm or deny the allegations. Both parties died before that book came out.

It's completely possible that instead of a romantic affair materializing, these two found that their relationship simply evolved into a stronger union due to their shared experience of losing someone they both loved. It would make sense that Bobby, being so close to John, may have stepped in to become a father figure and support system for Jackie and her children to rely on. Either way, it is all speculation and rumor — as it usually is with the Kennedys.