Jaclyn Hill Gives Emoji Hints About Her Upcoming…

With a new year comes new beauty ventures, and the first one up comes from a YouTube vlogger favorite. Makeup maven and beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill announced a new makeup collab — and threw her fans into a frenzy by leaving emoji clues on what it could possibly entail.

For those unfamiliar with Jaclyn Hill and why this next collaboration is a big deal, last year she partnered with Becca Cosmetics to make one of the best highlighters out there, called Champagne Pop. In fact, it gives such a solid glow that even Khloe Kardashian admitted that she has it in her arsenal. Seeing what a huge success that collaboration was, the prospect of a new one has beauty lovers everywhere practically doing handsprings.

"While we're not sure how that could be, Hill teased her next collaboration on Twitter last night, saying it's her biggest one yet. And it's been two years in the making," Allure reported. While she promised to start revealing hints in two week's time, one of her followers asked for her to give them a clue using only emojis, and she complied.

Sending a red heart, a red crab, and a fire and bang emoji, the Twitter-verse was given their first possibilities.

While definitely vague, that hasn't stopped fans from trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Everything from speculating on the color palette (it's all red) to possibly wondering if it's a seasonal thing (could it be coming out in July?,) followers offered up their best guesses.

One person believed Hill might be teaming up with Kat Von D thanks to clues in her Twitter bio, but Hill responded that, unfortunately, that collab isn't in the making just yet.

Another solid guess was a July birthday eyeshadow palette that would revolve around red and cranberry shades — something Hill has neither confirmed nor denied in the thread.

Another fan pointed out that if it was two years in the making, it probably can't be something fast and simple. She recalled that one of Hill's collaborations with Makeup Geek got cancelled in the beginning of 2016, so perhaps they rebooted the project and finished it. Hill originally confirmed the end of the venture on her YouTube channel, saying: "It's actually not happening anymore. Due to delays and other collaborations on both ends, it's not able to happen." Perhaps those delays aren't obstacles anymore!

As of right now all we can do is speculate, but Hill promised to start releasing more clues in a couple of weeks — keep an eye out till then!

Image: Jaclyn Hill/ YouTube