These Quotes From Jade & Tanner's 'Bachelor' Podcast Interview Will Make You Smile

by Kristie Rohwedder
Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Janner’s baby has made her podcast debut. On Aug. 17, Bachelor Nation's Jade and Tanner Tolbert welcomed a daughter, Emerson, and, less than two weeks later, the family of three appeared on a podcast together. On the latest episode of the I Don’t Get It podcast, Jade and Tanner chatted with Bachelor Nation supernova Ashely Iaconetti, Bachelor in Paradise contestant Lauren Iaconetti, and former Bachelor producer Naz Perez about all things baby. This is Jade and Tanner's first interview since they became parents, and, at the top of the episode, Ashley I. dubbed it the “Barbara Walters special of Bachelor Nation.” Couldn’t agree more.

If you are a Bachelor fan whose heart could use some warming, this interview will treat you right. The I Don't Get It hosts asked Janner to recap the events surrounding the birth of their child, and that is precisely what Janner did. And my goodness, did they share some funny and endearing anecdotes. Jokes happen, tears happen, Ashely I.'s cry face gets a shoutout, and Emerson the baby chatters in the background. And, yes, the chattering is as cute as you might imagine it would be.

Here are some of the episode highlights.

1. Jade Sensed Emerson Would Arrive Before Her Due Date

“I had this feeling I was gonna have her early,” Jade recalled. “I even told my mom, because my mom was here Monday and Tuesday [helping prepare for the baby], and left Wednesday morning and had to come back on Thursday morning because I went into labor… I told her, ‘I feel like if I just surrendered to how my body’s feeling, I would have this baby.’” Never doubt a mother's intuition.

2. There Was Some McMuffin Drama

“I’m eating McDonald’s McMuffins while Jade is in the tub and Jade starts screaming at me because of the smell of it,” Tanner explained. “I had two bites left of my McMuffin when Jade started losing her sh*t so naturally I finished them and went over to help her.” Hey, what better way to get rid of the McMuffin (and the scent) as quick as possible? Good thinking.

3. Ashely I. Was In The Delivery Room... In Spirit

When Jade gave birth, she said she “totally did the Ashley I. ugly cry.” Way to make Bachelor Nation proud.

4. Tanner Was Jade’s Cheerleader

Jade said that when she saw Tanner assisting the midwife during the delivery, she thought, “‘He’s really doing this! To me that was really impressive that he was wanting to be so involved. And he was pretty encouraging telling me, ‘You can do this!’" Atta guy, Tanner.

5. Tanner Doesn't Like A Leafy Green

When asked about the tradition of ingesting the afterbirth, Tanner replied, “I don’t even eat lettuce, I’m not eating your goddamn placenta.” Oh? No lettuce? Hey, that's his prerogative; everyone's palette is different. ...But lettuce is just so dang good.

6. Jade Is Feeling Love On A New Level

Regarding motherhood, Jade said,

“People always say you don’t realize how much you can love somebody until you have a kid. It’s wild. There was this one night where she was up every hour and I got no sleep and I was just crying the entire night and I’m like, ‘I can’t even be mad at you because I just look at your face' … It’s just like this crazy love ... It makes me love everything even more. I love Tanner more, I love my dogs more. Like, I thought I’d come home and I’d think, ‘Oh, you guys are just dogs now.’ But it makes me love them even more. Your heart is just so full. It’s unbelievable.”

Cue all of the Ashely I. cry faces.

What a happy time for the Janner family, and what a podcast episode.