Jalapeño Liqueur Exists & Your Cocktail Game Just Got Stronger Than Ever

Alcohol technology has come a long way, my friends. You want rosé that’s also cider? Done. How about bacon-infused vodka? Got it. Looking for something with a little more zing, a little more spice? I’m so glad you asked because jalapeno-flavored liqueur is a thing that exists. Can you believe you’ve been spending all this time garnishing your drinks with jalapeños when you could have been drinking what is basically an alcoholic jalapeño? Think of all the time wasted.

Draper’s Jalapeño Liqueur is responsible for this concoction. Draper’s is known for their unique liqueurs like Coffee Liqueur and Dark Chocolate Liqueur (BRB need to go speak to a spiked hot chocolate about some fancy liqueurs). However, if you’re more into savory than sweet, their jalapeño-flavored liqueur will be right up your spicy, spicy alley. (Personally, it a little bit sounds like heartburn, but I will take one million Tums as sacrifice.)

The Jalapeño Liqueur is described in just three words in the product description: “Light. Pepper. Refined.” Let’s unpack that, shall we. So, “light” meaning “opposite of heavy” meaning “probably good for summer when you’re trying to wean yourself off your rosé IV-drip.” The next word is “pepper.” This one, I feel, is self-explanatory. Finally, we come to “refined.” How posh. How chic. When you drink a cocktail with Jalapeño Liqueur people will glance at you over their shoulder and whisper, “I bet she knows owns an iron and actually uses it.” You will reek of spicy refinedness.

“What do you even do with a jalapeño liqueur?” you ask. Oh, you sweet child (who is actual an adult of age to drink alcohol). What don’t you do with jalapeño liqueur. For starters, you can add it to your Moscow Mule and make an Angry Mule. The spiciness of the ginger beer will complement the spiciness of the jalapeño and in turn you will get tipsy and compliment everyone around you.

If you’re looking to savor the last few moments of summer with a cocktail in hand, let Jalapeño Liqueur be your boozy tour guide. Combine it with your favorite citrus-y vodka (perhaps a cucumber-lime or grapefruit) for something spicy, sour, and sweet. Spice up your gin and tonic with a splash of Jalapeño Liqueur. Add it to your bloody mary along with some bacon vodka. The sky and your spiciness tolerance are the limit.

Draper’s isn’t the only alcohol manufacturer looking to quench your spicy thirst. There’s also jalapeño-infused wine for those who don’t feel like mixing a cocktail. Galena Cellars Vineyard & Winery, the producers of this spicy beverage, describes the jalapeño wine as “an exciting blend of Illinois white wine infused with serrano and jalapeño peppers.” There are also full peppers floating in the wine.

One review on TripAdvisor is fully feeling Galena’s jalapeño wine: “Between my wife and I we sampled 20 wines. They have a Merlot that is new this year (they did one about 10 years ago). You HAVE to try the Jalapeno Wine, take a taste, but then ask to try it in a bloody mary. It is AWESOME.”

Gin-drinkers, rejoice! You too can have spicy alcohol. Hot Sauce Gin is exactly what it sounds like and is also a think you can buy with your human dollars. FIREBOX is to thank/blame for this particular spicy refreshment. The gin combines the flavors of “juicy juniper berries, Guajillo peppers and Ancho chillies” for a unique, spicy gin. Just how spicy is it? FIREBOX describes its hotness as “more of a balti than a vindaloo.” So, it’s got some kick, but it won’t have you filling with instant regret.

If you’re feeling brave, you can buy Draper’s Jalapeño Liqueur online for $9.99. Or you can just stick to your rosé. No judgement.