Jameela Jamil Shared Some *Thoughts* On Caroline Flack's New Cosmetic Surgery Show

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Surjury, a new show from Channel 4 set to be released in 2020, has caused a bit of a stir online. Now actor and presenter Jameela Jamil has confronted the show's host, Caroline Flack, on Twitter about the new surgery-themed show, which will see contestants standing in front of a 12-person jury trying to convince them that they should be able to get the surgery they desire.

The Good Place actor tweeted her thoughts about the new show, saying: “Welp. Black Mirror is officially happening guys. It’s here.” She then tweeted again in reply to a doctor who said he had declined to be on The Surjury, saying: “This is why I said it was like Black Mirror @carolineflack1 Because it’s a VERY surreal concept that (perhaps unintentionally) will prey on people’s insecurities. I think of the effect on teenagers of the messaging of this. Fingers crossed it doesn’t affect anyone negatively.”

Although Caroline Flack didn’t commissioned the show, come up with the concept, or produce it, Jamil tweeted her worry about The Surjury only to her. Flack tweeted back to Jamil: “Have you managed to see a copy before me ? Please forward .. am desperate to see..” She also quote tweeted Jamil's comment saying, “As you know self image is a complicated, sensitive and personal subject. At the heart of this show are people not contestants who have sought help to want to better them selves in their own eyes. Their stories deserve to be told and not ridiculed online.”

However, Jamil isn’t the only critic of the new show. According to iNews, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) also had its concerns, stating: “Any decision to have aesthetic surgery should be made entirely by the individual once they have received expert consultation and advice ... For this decision to be placed in the hands of a television jury is extremely reckless, to say the least. Trivialising this decision for shock value entertainment sends a dangerous and misleading message.”

In a explainer about the show, Channel 4 describes The Surjury as a place to let people “explore their choices more thoroughly, and to take measured advice from their peers, some of whom may previously have gone under the knife themselves and will happily hold court on the subject.” Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 Becky Cadman said: “The Surjury is an innovative format that promises to literally get under the skin of people who think that a quick fix is their best option.”

So it looks as though the jury is still out on The Surjury and, until it airs next year, we won't know exactly what angle the show will offer.