Jameela Jamil Wore $10 Earrings From Etsy To The Grammys

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Grammys are all about glamour, funky fashions and music. The award show isn't exactly the place you'd expect to see a find from Etsy, especially one for just $10, but Jameela Jamil's Grammy earrings are exactly that. The Good Place star attended the 2019 award show rocking a gorgeous orange and coral gown, but it was her gold fish earrings that may just be the most fab part. Honestly, it's not even just that the jewelry is affordable, it's that it's so fun, too.

That said, the annual award show isn't just known for well-dressed stars. It's known for those stars having the chance to try something new with their sartorial choices. The Grammys have always been the place to rock a cupcake dress a la Rihanna or arrive in an egg like Lady Gaga or if you're really going to go there, rock a Versace pope look like Nicki Minaj. The red carpet is as much of a show as the ceremony itself, and tonight, it's just getting started.

Before the show actually began, actor Jameela Jamil took to her social media to showcase a special accessory, a pair of $10 Etsy earrings that she'd be wearing to the show. Not only are affordable, but they're actually adorable little goldfish in bags (not real ones, obviously).

Jamil captured her experience getting ready for the show on her Instagram page, letting the world know that she's got the best earrings at the Grammys. No, really, she said she's got the best earrings at the Grammys, and she's honestly right.

And it seems like Jamil's fans are also fans of her fishy earrings.

Whether it's the earrings, the price tag, or both, people expressed their appreciation for the accessory on Twitter.

Of course, some couldn't help but make a pop culture reference to Finding Nemo.

While Jamil didn't reveal which Etsy store she got her earrings from, there are several pairs you can shop for an ultra cheap price tag.

There are options for $10 and some for even less still available on Etsy. While it may or may not be because of Jamil, some of them have earned spots as top sellers on the handmade site!

This pair looks basically identical, but they're actually less than $10 ringing in at just $7.76.

These earrings also look similar to the actor's, and they also cost $10 like her own. Plus, they've popped onto the best sellers list on Etsy.

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As for the rest of Jamil's look, you can see in her Instagram and Twitter videos, she's wearing the perfect color to match the best earrings of the night. The spaghetti strap frock seems to be a mix of oranges and corals, because what else are you going to wear with gold fish earrings?

Will Jamil end up having the best earrings of the night? Probably! Ten dollars, super cute, and made by an Etsy artist? Those earrings are definitely better than any diamonds. OK, maybe not but they're pretty close.