This New 'Westworld' Clue Involves Teddy & His Gun

by Allie Gemmill
John P. Johnson/HBO

It's Friday, and what could be better than some Westworld news to make the day truly great? Nothing, absolutely nothing. On that note, let's direct our attention to Westworld actor Jason Marsden's Season 2-related video. From the looks of the Instagram clip, it would appear that Marsden, who plays Teddy on the show, will be in desperate need of his gun in the upcoming season, and that could be more significant than you think.

Late Thursday, Marsden posted the video to his Instagram, where he's outdoors at some kind of shooting range or special training ground. He's seen taking what appears to be a real gun out of his holster and firing off one shot. He does this a few times before stopping. Intriguingly, Marsden captioned the photo, "Westworld quick draw training!" and added on a cowboy hat-wearing smiley face emoji. Very sly, Mr. Marsden. Very sly indeed.

It would seem like Marsden really needs to get his gun-handling and shooting skills on point because, as Teddy, he's going to be fighting some big battles, right? At the very least, Teddy's going to need to do a few good quick draws on potential enemies throughout Season 2, hence this training.

Fans saw Teddy show off his gun skills ad nauseam in Season 1; his character is essentially a handsome gunslinger in the Westworld array of characters. As the fastest gun in the West(world), Teddy has been able to take down Confederate soldier foes and defend his love interest, Dolores, whenever the occasion arises.

Knowing that Teddy is still going to be using his quick-draw skills in Season 2 may leave some fans wondering what exactly he's fighting against. In the Season 1 finale, Teddy watched in horror as Dolores, fully autonomous, killed Westworld creator Robert Ford. Could Teddy and Dolores become enemies in Season 2? Or will they remain a united front against the humans who seek to oppress them?

Waiting for Season 2 of anything has never been this tough, especially when the clues are so tantalizing.