Why Jane Made Exactly The Right Choice Between Pinstripe & Ben On 'The Bold Type'

Philippe Bosse/Freeform

The Bold Type Season 2 was all about decisions for Jane. After learning she had the BRCA gene — a genetic disposition to breast cancer and ovarian cancer — she had to start figuring out if she wanted kids someday, and if so, whether or not she wanted to freeze her eggs. She also had to choose between staying at Scarlet or striking out at a new, edgy start-up (she picked the latter, but wound up back at Scarlet anyway). And finally, she had to decide between two men who were equally great for her, but in different ways. That last one was left as a cliffhanger, but in the Bold Type Season 3 premiere, we find out pretty immediately that Jane chose Pinstripe. And honestly, it was the right decision.

Don't get me wrong — Dr. Ben, the other guy on the end of this love triangle, was pretty great, too. He's hot, he's a doctor that helps underprivileged women, and he really, really liked Jane. All of that was fine, but when Jane announced that she was ready to freeze her eggs, he didn't have a great reaction. He wasn't unsupportive, but he wasn't excited. In the slightest. In the midst of this, Pinstripe (his real name is Ryan, but let's call him Pinstripe) reappeared in Jane's life. He was supportive of her new job. He was supportive of her health struggles. And apparently these two crazy kids finally gave it a chance — the Season 3 premiere opens with them in bed together, so things must be going pretty well.

It's not that Ben would have been a bad choice, but Pinstripe is just a better fit for Jane. Jane is the resident serious person on The Bold Type, and there are many times when she just can't see the forest from the trees. Ben was pretty serious, too, and Jane needs someone sillier — someone who helps to push her outside of her comfort zone or to see a different perspective. As actor Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, told Entertainment Tonight, Jane can be a little, well, rigid, and initially, that pushed her away from Pinstripe.

"Jane has always put Pinstripe in a box because she has always thought that he is the dangerous, unstable thing," she said. "But I think that Jane is afraid of Pinstripe. If she ever was to let herself give into that situation, what would happen? She tends to go with structure." In fairness, Pinstripe is just as smart and confident as Ben, but he has a fun-loving side that allows Jane to loosen up. Does it seem like Jane would usually run around her apartment naked? Nope. But Pinstripe got her to strip down and take it all in. That's exactly what she needs.

And even though Jane is going through some serious medical concerns, having Pinstripe around will ensure that she has some good times, too. "Season 3 will see [Jane] be like, 'OK, now that I have this information, how do I live my life to the fullest?'" Stevens told Bustle in 2018. "Fun Jane comes to the forefront."

Three cheers for Fun Jane! It's always great when people are able to parlay a friendship into a solid relationship, and Jane seems to have made the decision that will make her the happiest.