12 Empowering Moments From 'The Bold Type' That'll Make You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

Freeform/John Medland

They don't call it The Bold Type for nothing. The Freeform series, currently airing its second season, follows three women in their 20s working for the fictional Scarlet magazine, and it never shies away from a controversial topic or the raw emotions that accompany it. From tackling gun control and sexual assault to inspiring women to take over their own sexual pleasure and fight for their career choices, The Bold Type has had so many empowering moments that've resonated with both the characters and fans of the show.

While portraying the mistakes and pitfalls that can often come with being a woman in your 20s, the series always leans in to those struggles and mines something inspiring out of them. The most painful breakup of your life can open the door to your professional destiny, for instance. Or: you can be the most powerful woman in a board room while also accessing your vulnerability and using it for good. And while the show is not always accurate when it comes to showing modern magazine journalism, it often rings true on the emotional front. The Bold Type speaks to the soul in all the right ways, and here are some of the most badass, groundbreaking moments of the series.


When They Scream In Front of The Subway


Perhaps the first moment the ladies of Scarlet stole our hearts is in this scene from Episode 1. All at a crossroads professionally or personally, this tight trio release their emotions into the ether and give us all permission to do the same.


2. When Jane & Sutton Discuss The Complexities Of Gun Ownership

Philippe Bosse/Freeform

Not one to stray from addressing difficult subject matter, The Bold Type took on gun control in a recent episode in which it is revealed that Sutton owns a gun. While the firearm is affectionately called "Betsy" by Sutton, for Jane the weapon's place in her apartment is unthinkable. But the two manage to find common ground through understanding, discussing, and listening with and to each other — a lesson many others could stand to learn.


3. When Sutton Proves Her Rightful Place In The Fashion Department


When audiences meet Sutton, she's a strung-out personal assistant with dreams of working in fashion. But after doubts about her lack of traditional schooling and her abilities began to trickle in, Sutton seizes upon her dream, proudly proclaiming, "I'm Nora Ephron, bitch." This mentality also helps when detractors try to pin her success to a man.


When Adena Speaks Her Truth


Adena not only shakes things up for Kat after their first meeting, but does the same for viewers everywhere. Passionate about wearing her identities — artist, lesbian and Muslim — on her sleeve, she represents an experience that is not portrayed on television nearly enough.


When Sutton Chooses Her Career


A twisty-turvy, secret workplace romance with board member Richard jeopardizes Sutton's heart and her future at Scarlet. Though walking away from a relationship that means so much to her proves painful, Sutton empowers herself by betting on her career's viability, and in turn, herself.


When Jane Walks Away From Her Dream Job


Though Jane may be safely back in Scarlet's fashion closet now, towards the end of Season 1 she begins to feel restless at what was once her dream job. But after asserting herself in the political journalism space, she takes a risk and leaves her friends and comfort zone in the distance. It makes her return that much sweeter and her passion for writing well fought for.


When Kat Owns Her Racial Identity


When Kat earns a promotion at work, she debates whether or not her racial status in her online bio should matter or not. After discussing the issue with her parents, who are both of different races, she decides to inspire others by owning her title as the first black female department head in the magazine's history.


When Adena Tells Kat They Should Have An Open Relationship


Kat and Adena are unabashedly, as Sutton calls them, "an official gay power couple." But even the happiest of relationships can go through growing pains, particularly as Kat begins to feel curious about dating other women. Though not an easy decision, Adena does what's right for her partner and their future by allowing Kat to explore her sexuality outside the confines of their relationship.


When Jane Learns How To Orgasm


One of the most taboo topics for women to discuss is our own pleasure, or lack thereof. But Jane breaks down barriers and unlocks her own sexual agency by investigating what makes her tick before voicing her needs in the bedroom. Women have just as much right to satisfaction as males do, and Jane's journey to the O is a key example of that.


When Kat Struggles With Her Sexuality


In Season 1, Kat questions her sexual orientation and expresses interest in exploring relationships with women. Her friends support her every step of the way and Kat happily goes on to date both men and women.


When They Go Topless For Breast Cancer Awareness


Breast cancer awareness hits particularly close to home for Jane, whose mother died young of the disease. But with the help of her besties and encouragement from her editor, she is able to examine her heartbreak through writing about it. In turn, she is able to walk confidently through a public park with Sutton and Kat while topless. This proves valuable in a later episode, when the women strip down again for the magazine's body positivity photo shoot.


When Jacqueline Reveals That She's A Rape Survivor


It's incredibly moving when Scarlet editor-in-chief Jacqueline comes to terms with her experience by carrying the weight of it for the entire world to see. It's an unforgettable moment in the series, and empowering for survivors everywhere.

The Bold Type continues to be such essential TV.