Jason Tartick & Kaitlyn Bristowe's New Twitter Exchange Will Make You Want A Puppy

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor Nation, your hearts are so not ready for this. Beloved alums Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe just had the sweetest exchange on Twitter. They've been publicly together for a few weeks now, and they just took their relationship to an adorable new level. In a recent tweet they hinted they may be getting a dog soon.

On Saturday, March 2, Bristowe tweeted about her golden retriever fever. "Hey if anyone's in the mood to go get me a golden retriever today, I would really appreciate it," she wrote. And Jason, who, with one tweet, may have won Boyfriend of the Year, came to the rescue: "I'm in the mood to get you two." And the Twitter-verse exploded with happiness.

A flood of replies containing photos of golden retrievers poured in, and Bristowe couldn't get enough. Colton Underwood, the current reigning Bachelor and well-known dog lover, even had something to say. Surprisingly, though, it wasn't about dogs.

"Stop flirting," he said to Tartick, to which Tartick replied, "I’m stealing your thunder — Dogs and flirting a memoir by Colton Underwood." Whether or not he's stealing Underwood's thunder, he's doing something right, and people showered him with praise for it.

"Jason Tartick for president," @marxy125 on Twitter wrote. Another user, @CaileeManzer tweeted, "When the time comes if you don’t propose to her with a bottle of wine and a puppy you're doing it wrong."

Other people had no words for their cuteness, just GIFs:

Oddly enough, it doesn't appear that Bristowe has replied to Tartick. But she has acknowledged some of the tons of dog pics sent her way. @BrittanyHusch on Twitter sent her a picture of a puppy and a baby, which pushed her over the edge. "This is your future," she wrote.

And Bristowe responded:

Even the infamous Doug the pug offered to tend to Bristowe's fever in her time of need. "Always here for ur snuggling needs," he wrote. Bristowe seemed very grateful for the offer. "Love you Doug," she replied.

It appears that she was visiting Tartick in Seattle when she shared the tweet. She's from Nashville, Tennessee, per her Twitter page. "Also, what's with Seattle and Golden retrievers," she tweeted. "They are everywhere here!!! It’s not helping my fever." So far, there's no sign of a new pup on their pages, but they did wear matching Lion King sweatshirts. So there's that.

Bristowe announced her relationship with Tartick on Instagram the day after Valentine's Day. "Trust me when I say — the greatest thing you will ever do for yourself is to simply listen to what you actually want from life," Bristowe, who was the Season 11 Bachelorette, quoted Bianca Sparacino in her caption. She and the season's winner, Shawn Booth, broke off their engagement in November, per E! News. "Drown out the guidelines, the advice, the 'shoulds,'" she wrote. "Drown out all of the opinions, all of the ways in which others are telling you how to live, and love, and exist in this world." She continued quoting Sparacino's touching passage. "Choose to move forward, into the kind of story that fulfills you, into the kind of person that holds your heart just as carefully as you hold theirs, into the kind of happiness that exists because you chose to fight for it, and never stop fighting for it." Then, she finished it with a sincere thank you to her new companion: "Thank you @jason_tartick for being you."

Simply put, even though their love is still new, Tartick and Bristowe are relationship goals. And just like that, Bachelor Nation has found its new favorite couple.