This 'Riverdale' Reveal Will Shock Fans

The CW

When it comes to murder mystery dramas, there is one golden rule: Everyone is a suspect. This also rings true for discovering who the killer is on Riverdale. So far, it seems like every character could have killed Jason Blossom, as the show continues to add more twists to the story. But, if you think you have an idea or theory of what really happened, you're probably wrong. Mädchen Amick, who plays Alice Cooper on the show, tells Bustle she thinks fans will be "shocked" when the Riverdale character who killed Jason is revealed.

"I was surprised; I didn't see it coming," she says. "Those last few episodes that we read at the table reads, I mean, it was intense. Like, we would all get flushed and out of breath, like, 'Oh My God.' It's such a nail bitter. I think [the fans] will be shocked; I think they’re going to like it."

Amick would know. She and the rest of the cast are just as invested in the mystery as fans are. "We have table reads before every episode and we get together and read the script out loud. They have us on the edge of our seat trying to figure it out," she recalls. "We get into this heated conversation about, 'Oh, I know who the killer is and what the theories are behind it!' and somebody says, 'No! There’s no way that can be the case because of blah, blah, blah. I think it’s this person.' We’re just as passionate about the murder mystery and who did it, I think, just as much as the audience is."

But, rest assured fellow Riverdale fans, just because we'll eventually know who the killer is, doesn't mean that all the juicy drama will stop. Amick teases that there's a lot more in store for the gang as they journey through the trials and tribulations of high school and young adulthood, all while knowing that there's a killer among them.

"You’re going to continue to find out all of the history of all the characters, all of the main storylines with Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead," she says. "You get to continue to see their struggles and their loss of innocence as they get older and experience things that they didn’t expect they were going to have to handle. There's still unanswered questions and more mystery to solve later."

As for Mrs. Cooper, the show will explore her past and unearth the secrets that she's been desperately trying to keep hidden.

"You also get to see more history of the parents, which really just plays into the town itself and why the parents are parenting the way they are," Amick explained. "Just stay tuned, there’s a lot of fun stuff ahead."

And, still ahead is the reveal of Jason's true killer. So, as Amick says, prepare to be shocked.