Jax & Brittany Pack For New Orleans Trip On 'Pump'

Charles Sykes/Bravo

I do not feel like typing “joint bachelor/bachelorette party” a billion times tonight (same goes for copy and pasting it), so I will use the first phrase the internet recommended I use: According to Google, a “joint bachelor/bachelorette party” is also known as a “stag and doe party,” which fine. That’ll do. It’s less of a mouthful. And you know what? It fits their wedding’s woodsy elegance burlap twine tea towel theme. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right. On Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz and Katie’s stag and doe party jets on over to the Big Easy for some beads, blended drinks, and Bubba bonding.

But before the stags and does could get to the stag and doe partying, the stags and does had to pack their stag and doe suitcases. As Jax and Brittany planned out what they would and would not bring to New Orleans, they hit a snag: To bring beach towels, or not bring beach towels? That is the question.

Jax was on Team No Beach Towels, whereas Brittany lead the Team Beach Towels charge. Jax pointed out that (a) they wouldn’t be going to a beach and (b) the hotel would have plenty of towels, so there really wasn't any reason to haul bulky terry cloth beach towels across the country. (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am with Jax on this one.)

After some back and forth, Brittany shrugged it off, let the beach towel issue go, and shifted her attention to the laundry hamper that was bursting at the seams. This was the second time this season we've watched Jax and Brittany fight over what to put in a suitcase, and I hope it wasn't the last. I could watch them bicker while they shove rolled up socks and maxi dresses into a carry-on for hours. I don't know what it is about these two, but no packing scene seems as charming or as high stakes. (It might be the panic in Jax's eyes?)

It is moments like this one that make me fall in love with this show week after week. A couple arguing about whether or not they should pack beach towels in their New Orleans-bound suitcases puts the “real” in “reality TV.” Shoutout to the editors for leaving these beautiful organic moments in the show.

Thankfully, Jax didn't try to talk Brittany out of packing the diamond ring shot glasses. That would've been a grave error. An above ground grave error (heeey, New Orleans). I hope Katie’s bridesmaids wear those diamond ring shot glasses the entire trip.

I'm calling it now: Those ring shot glasses are the tampon flasks of Season 5, i.e., my new favorite Pump Rules prop.