Jenna Fischer Explained How Things Really Went Down When She Saw The Kardashians In Japan

If you've been missing Jenna Fischer since The Office, it's a great time to be a fan. After her show, Splitting Up Together, premiered on ABC last week, she's been everywhere — including Jimmy Kimmel Live. During her appearance on the show, Fischer explained running into the Kardashians in Japan during her trip in March, as well as the Instagrams that she posted, because when you run into the greatest reality TV family ever, you just have to share it with your followers.

Last month, Fischer shared a blurry photo of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian walking through her hotel in Kyoto on Instagram. At the time, she explained that she was pretty sure they were checking out while she was checking in. She also proceeded to recreate a photo that Kourtney had posted from their hotel. It was truly adorable, and now, we finally have the scoop behind that whole situation.

But before getting into the interview, it's also very important to note something about Fischer's wardrobe choice on the show: Yes, she is wearing a towel, thanks to the broken zipper on the gown she'd planned to wear that night. Of course, she could have just put on a T-shirt, but this is late night TV, baby. A T-shirt would be far too boring for a Kimmel appearance, even though it would also be far more practical.

OK, back to the Kardashians. As Fischer told Kimmel, she and husband Lee Kirk were in Japan on vacation when her mother-in-law sent them a very excited email, letting them know that the Kardashians were in the same city so they could be on the lookout — as you do when you love and care about your family. Apparently, her husband's mother is a superfan (who had previously even purchased a candle from DASH) and was elated at the fact that her child might be in the presence of the Kardashians. Fischer never expected to actually see them, since as she pointed out, if she's never run into them living in Los Angeles, what are the chances she's going to run into them in another country?

But then, it happened. She said:

"We were going to have a spa day and a romantic dinner. As we pull up to our hotel, there are two passenger vans, guys with cameras, little headsets and clipboards, and I thought to myself, 'Oh my god, oh my god, are we running into the Kardashians?' And as we're walking into the lobby I hear a guy go, 'Listen, when we get there, we're gonna go in the back door, because it's better for Kim.' And my mind is blown now."

And just when she thought it couldn't get better, she actually spotted them while she was at the front desk, checking in.

"So I went on my phone and took a picture as fast as I could so I could send it to my mother-in-law," she said.

But as pumped as she was to actually see them, she realized that it wouldn't exactly be ideal for them to eat dinner at the same restaurant she was, because she wanted a break from Hollywood — not to sit in the middle of a shoot for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So she quickly hopped on Instagram and found, to her relief, that they were headed out of town... and was suddenly struck with inspiration.

"But then, I see this picture of Kourtney Kardashian — that's her, that's in the hotel room — and she's got that on," she said. "I just felt like, I don't know, maybe I could recreate it, so I did."

Looks like she killed it, right? Should Kourtney ever see this picture, she would probably be very proud.

If you ever need any tips on how to live your best life during a vacation in Japan, clearly Fischer is the right person to go to. And honestly, we should all be really happy for her mother-in-law, whose dreams for her family came true on that trip. Can we start a Twitter campaign to get her to meet the Kardashians, please?