Here's Why Jennifer Garner Thinks Chrissy Teigen *Might* Steal Her Nanny

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's true: Just about everything that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend post about their kids on Instagram is too adorable, whether it's involving the newest trick that Miles has learned or Luna climbing into her big-girl bed for the first time. But apparently, a certain actor is a little worried that they're so cute, they could tempt her nanny away from her family. As the Comments by Celebs account pointed out, Jennifer Garner commented on Teigen's latest Instagram post, featuring a new photo of Miles, and shared that her nanny might be a little too interested in Teigen and Legend's children.

It all started when Teigen posted a picture of Miles sitting in a laundry basket, wearing a yellow and white bib and just generally hanging out and being adorable as usual. Teigen wrote in her caption:

"I know you all think he looks like john but that is my nose, can we at least acknowledge that."

It's true that people are constantly comparing Miles to Legend, and it makes sense — he looks a lot like his father. And it's also true that he has his mom's nose, so Teigen is definitely right about that one.

Then, Garner commented on the photo, but it didn't have anything to do with whether or not Miles had Teigen's nose — just the fact that she happened to notice that her nanny had been liking a lot of the photos that the couple had been posting of their adorable kids lately, and she'd better not think about nannying for them instead.

"I see my kids' nanny liking everything you put up with your gorgeous kids and I'm here to tell you, don't get any ideas, either one of you," she wrote.


And of course, Teigen replied to the comment, reminding Garner that Instagram is not necessarily reality when it comes to her household, with plenty of laughing emojis included.

"For anyyyyyyone reading this I ONLY POST THE CUTE STUFF," Teigen wrote.


This is a fair reminder. Instagram (and all social media, really) is just a highlight reel; although Teigen tends to keep it realer than most, we do get to see Miles and Luna's best moments, not the tantrums and the meltdowns that all kids have. It's easy to fall in love with them that way. Teigen knows this, Garner, who's raised kids of her own, knows this, and her nanny probably knows this, too.

Garner has some pretty awesome kids herself, so it seems doubtful that she has anything to worry about. For now, the rest of us can just keep enjoying the antics of Luna and Miles, nannies everywhere included, knowing that there are also less adorable things going on behind the scenes, because that is the reality of toddler and baby life.

Hopefully, Garner will give us an update via Instagram comments and let us know if anything changes. The intrigue is real. But at least for the time being, it definitely seems like all is good in the Garner/Teigen/Legend circle.