Jennifer Garner's Mailbox Halloween Costume Is All About "Living Your Truth"


Celebrities tend to go all out when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, and Jennifer Garner is no exception. On Wednesday, Garner revealed her mailbox Halloween costume, which has a particularly unique backstory. As it turns out, the costume is actually a nod to a speech she made earlier this year.

Garner showed off her head-to-toe look with an Instagram video that explained why exactly she decided to go trick-or-treating dressed up like a big, blue mailbox. The post began with short clip from a commencement speech she gave back in May at her alma mater Ohio’s Denison University. In the speech, she tells the soon-to-be-graduates, "When it comes to Halloween costumes, go funny over sexy. Why would you dress like a flirty nurse when you could be a mailbox?" (Good question.) "Live your truth, people," she captioned the post — and live her truth she did indeed.

The second half of the post was a short clip of Garner showing off her mailbox costume, set to the tune of the "Monster Mash." The whole thing — from the box itself, to the mail spilling out of it, to her hat and coordinating shoes — is pretty impressive. Considering her love for arts and crafts, there's a good chance the actor made it herself. Garner's famous friends were impressed, too. "Funny over sexy. Every time. For the win!" Reese Witherspoon wrote in the comments. "I love you more and more every year I know you," Rachel Zoe added, "and we r on 16 years now."

However, the life-sized mailbox wasn't the only costume Garner wore for Halloween this year. On Thursday, she shared yet another video of herself in a full face of spooky vampire makeup, complete with a long black wig, white blouse, and a bow-tie clamped cape.

While the actor admitted to Entertainment Tonight earlier this month that getting her three kids to wear Halloween costumes "definitely gets harder" every year, Garner clearly still enjoys getting dressed up herself.