Jennifer Lawrence's 2018 Oscars Hair Was A Crimped Masterpiece & '90s Babies Will Love It

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Remember good ol' '90s beauty trends? A go-to Friday night look included body glitter, brown lip gloss, and getting wild with your trusty crimper. In 2018, Jennifer Lawrence is looking to bring all that '90s goodness back from the dead. Well, at least the crimping part. Jennifer Lawrence's 2018 Oscars hair was a tribute to the long lost '90s crimper — but it comes with a modern twist you will actually want to replicate. No, seriously.

The Red Sparrow actor showed up to the 90th Annual Academy Awards in a slinky silver Dior dress that definitely turned heads in the absolute best way. And while her muted makeup let the gorgeous gown take center stage, her hair definitely battled for the spotlight. Her blonde locks looked plain sexy — and yes, they were most likely crafted with a crimper, if you can believe it.

J. Law's hair was waved to perfection for the Academy Awards, but it doesn't appear to be the wanded waves stars usually rock in this decade. Lawrence's waves were tighter and more uniform, yet still completely stunning. They were an example of modern crimping artistry at it's finest.

Forget haunting nightmares of your '90s hair look. Lawrence will make you a crimping believer. Take a look at these big, bold waves to be fully converted.

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Now, clearly this is not the work of the zig-zag crimper of your youth. Please leave that thing buried in your backyard with your sea monkey tank and snap bracelets. This look, however, was most likely created with the strangest contraption you have ever seen in your life.

May I introduce you to the three-barrel crimper — and your new best friend for getting hair like J. Law's locks.

Revlon 3-Barrel Deep Waver Curling Iron, $24.99, Walmart

This ugly thing is actually the key to getting gorgeous waves in no time. And the contraption is not as intimidating as it looks. Simply break your hair into sections, and crimp the sections from shaft to end in the 3-barrel waver. Repeat that process all the way around your head, shake your hair out, add some spray for hold, and you are done.

Still need a little help before picking up a crimper after the year 1999? Here's a good tutorial to help you on your way to a modern crimping masterpiece.

Seriously, you are about 10 minutes and $25 from red carpet hair. And using one of these baby's is seriously fool proof.

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Lawrence styled her hair in a center part for some structured drama. By occasionally tucking her locks behind her ear, she tamed some of the "big hair, don't care" vibes into a more sleek look for red carpet photos. And that's how your make a look versatile as hell. Take notes.

This type of crimping also lends itself very well to a deep side part. Pin back the remaining hair on the parted side back, add some dry shampoo to pump up the volume on the curled side, and you have a funky look ready for a night out.

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Bringing back styles from the past is no easy feat, even for the biggest stars like Lawrence. But this modern twist on crimping takes the beachy wave hair trend of today and morphs it with the speedy crimp styling of the '90s. And what's not to love about a timesaving hair tool that gives you a pretty rad look?

J. Law, thank you for bringing back the crimper with style. Now, can you work some magic on gemmed bandanas next awards season? My bedazzler is collecting dust in my closet and could really use a comeback.