Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez's Wedding Won't Be Like Her First Three, Says The Singer

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This won't be her first time down the aisle, but Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s wedding won't be like her first three, according to the “Jenny From the Block” singer.

On June 7, Lopez kicked off her fourth concert tour, It’s My Party, and, a few days later on June 13, unveiled a 26-minute short video online that gives viewers an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse of the making of the tour. In the video, Lopez spoke about her upcoming nuptials to fiancé A-Rod. When asked about the wedding date, Lopez replied, “Soon. Soon. Not soon soon, but next year.” She then dished on how the ceremony will be different from her last three marriages, explaining that she and her husband-to-be would be opting for a more traditional, religious ceremony this time around in a church.

"I'd like a big wedding and I'd like to get married in a church this time. I've never been married in a church and I've been married three times, and once was nine months and once was 11 months, so I don't really count those," she said in the video. "But I was married to Marc [Anthony] for 10 years, with the kids." Apologies to the marriages that didn’t really count. She said what she said!

Jennifer Lopez on YouTube

Lopez was last married to musician Marc Anthony, with whom she shares 11-year-old twins Max and Emme, who also appears in the video. The two were married between 2004 and 2014. Prior to Anthony, Lopez was married briefly to actor Ojani Noa and choreographer Cris Judd. Lopez was also briefly engaged to actor Ben Affleck in 2002.

The singer has never been one to shy away from her past relationships, and in the video, Lopez got candid about her past marriages, explaining that the loneliness manifested itself in whirlwind romances.

“I was very young the first two times I tried to get married. I'm saying 'try' to get married. It seems like in this life, you're always surrounded by people — you're never lonely. But it's very lonely,” she said. "So you always want somebody with you. So, I felt like if I got married, I felt like I would always have somebody. But that's not how life works. That's not how it goes. It's a bad reason to get married. Not the right one. The wrong one. The right one is when you find somebody who really makes you better."

It certainly seems like Lopez has found somebody who makes her better. In March, Lopez and former New York Yankees baseball player A-Rod announced their engagement via Instagram after two years of dating. Sharing an image of Lopez's ring, Rodriguez simply captioned his social media post, “she said yes."

JLo and A-Rod began dating in 2017. During a joint interview with Vanity Fair in December of that year, the two shared a sweet anecdote about how the relationship blossomed. According to Lopez, the two bumped into each other in Beverly Hills after briefly meeting years prior. Lopez recalled of that fateful day, “I almost yelled out ‘Alex,’ but I am the shyest person when it comes to things like that. I could literally just have walked away.” But she didn’t walk away, and the two made dinner plans. However, according to the couple, Rodriguez was unsure if the circumstances constituted an actual date. Lopez said, “He was sitting there in his white shirt, very confident and manly, but then he was just so talkative! I don’t know if he thought it was a date. I thought it was a date. He was nervous, and it was really cute.”

Congratulations are in order for JLo and A-Rod. A traditional church wedding sounds like a total home run.