Jeremiah Knows Mon-El's Secret On 'Supergirl'

The CW

Have I been wrong this whole time about the identity of Kara's new, and now HR official, boyfriend? My original theory may be too simple. Jeremiah Danvers knows who Mon-El is on Supergirl — and warned him that Kara would not be pleased to learn the secret. The lie Mon-El told may not be so white.

All this time, I just assumed that Mon-El was the Daxam Prince that he said he protected. Sure, that's similar to the fib that Miss Martian spun earlier in the season. Her story about the person who saved her was actually about herself. Mon-El being Daxam royalty explains why people might be after him. Someone is always in pursuit of a Prince. What I don't understand is what's such a big deal about royal blood when it comes to Kara. Her mother was a powerful judge and she was raised in the upper class. Plus, while I like that this episode established that Kara doesn't need or want a boyfriend who protects her or shows her off — who wouldn't want to find out that they're dating a prince? Feminism does not negate the fact that that is a cool thing. Lying sucks, but I don't necessarily see what the big deal is.

Clearly, either that isn't Mon-El's secret, or there's more to it than that. Is he a wanted criminal? The prison that Kara's pod shook loose freed more alien convicts than they can keep track of. Was he involved in some kind of Daxam plot that Kara wouldn't like? They are Krypton's rivals, and Jeremiah's warning was so vague, it's driving me nuts. Hopefully, even though Papa Danvers proved to be not entirely trustworthy by the end of the episode, Mon-El will heed his advice and come clean to Kara before its too late.