Jess & Robby Have Their First Fight On 'New Girl'

by Nicole Pomarico
Rick Mickshaw/Fox

OK, I'll admit it: The more I see from Jess and Robby on New Girl, the more I absolutely love them as a couple. As much as I will ship her with Nick in the long run, I think Robby could definitely be a good match for her (especially for now), and Tuesday night's episode officially sealed it. In the Jan. 10 episode of New Girl, "The Cubicle," Jess and Robby have their first big fight, and the way they handled it is proof that this relationship is here to stay.

Remember how, after Jess and Robby's first kiss in the gym, he dropped that weight on his himself and was stuck in a wheelchair for awhile? Yeah, the bill for that has officially come in, and since Jess feels responsible for his injury, she wants to pay it for him. But he gives her a bill for what she feels is just a tiny portion of the charges, and she's right. Robby wants to let her pay just $400 of a $200,000 bill, and when his lawyer suggests he sue Jess for the money, he (obviously) refuses.

That's not the problem, though — the problem is that Jess feels like Robby wants to shelter her, and that's not OK.

It makes sense that Robby — who has plenty of money — doesn't want to bankrupt Jess for what happened, especially since they're in a relationship now. But Jess wants to be with someone who sees her for who she is, flaws included, and she has a point. Putting anyone on a pedestal is never a good idea, least of all in a romantic relationship. But seeing them disagree on something — and seeing Robby get a dose of reality in who he's dating — was enough to make me completely fall in love with this couple.

And in the end, they were able to work things out, and it was really sweet to see. Their communication skills deserve a major A+, and Plus, now that Reagan is in the mix on a daily basis, it's probably for the best if Jess is happy in her own relationship... and seeing her and Nick as BFF again, confiding in each other, is definitely the best.