'BB19's Jessica & Cody Got Too Personal In Their Attacks On Josh

by Marenah Dobin

The most explosive feud on this season of Big Brother has been Jess and Cody against Josh. In all honesty, it's been tough to take sides on here because pretty much every one has taken the antics too far. The latest in the saga? Jessica and Cody body shamed Josh on Big Brother 19, and though no one is in the right here, the couple definitely took this fight too far and too personal.

There were so many game-related reasons to come at Josh, but the polarizing couple really took things to another level during their two-on-one fight in the kitchen, which went down in front of the entire house.

Weirdly enough it all started over spelling a word. And no there wasn't some sort of spelling bee competition for safety. Jess asked Josh to spell the word "drought," and then they got into it. She called him "dumb" and questioned the success of his business; he walked outside in a huff. And then Paul riled Josh up (again) and told him to ask Jess how to spell "evicted."

So, of course Josh went back in the house to confront Jessica again. "I don't know how to spell 'drought,' but can you spell 'evicted'?" he asked. All hell broke loose. Cody got involved, and the game-related talk got very personal.

Cody told Josh, "You're the dumbest person we've ever met, Josh. You waddle around here with your fat, f*cking body, acting like you're f*cking tough." Yep, that's right. Cody called Josh "fat" and said that he "waddled."

"You guys are making it real personal when we're playing a game," Josh responded. But that didn't stop Jess from joining in on the body shaming and generally going off on Josh.

Josh bragged about sending her home during his HOH reign and she told him, "I took that power away from you, fat *ss." Sure, her point was that she put herself on the block by losing a competition and he didn't actually nominate her, but her point was lost as soon as she called him that name. It was just hurtful and uncalled for.

She even told Josh, "Go roll your *ss outside then." Wow. She went there. Again. Josh went back to his room, hysterically crying; most of his housemates went in to comfort him. Not only were the houseguests there to support Josh, but there were plenty of viewers who had his back and shared their thoughts via tweet.

As polarizing as Josh has been in his time on the show, the body shaming goes beyond regular game rivalries. Hopefully Jessica and Cody apologized for that and the footage is just on the cutting room floor. But I wouldn't hold your breath on that one. It seems like animosity between Jody and Josh is still very strong.